Reviews For Trouble is a Woman

2015.11.20 - 04:27PM
2: Chapter 2

I was totally amazed by this story!
It is well-written and just has everything a good story should have ;)
I am looking forward to the next chapter :D

2015.05.20 - 11:34PM
2: Chapter 2

I just found this story. Just fabulous, and I hope you write more on it. I would love to see how this shakes out.

2015.05.06 - 10:18AM
2: Chapter 2

It's so hard to do a Rose and Reinette story without making one of them the villain, but you've done a brilliant job. Love it.

2015.05.03 - 09:26PM
2: Chapter 2

Yes, yes, yes! Lovely. I think you've got the characters dead on, to the point where this is already one of the very best post-GITF fics I've ever read. Cannot WAIT for more.

2015.04.29 - 10:51AM
2: Chapter 2

I NEED MORE. Fuhh...this is getting good. I can feel the tension at that kitchen scene. Tsk, tsk; what have you done Doctor

2015.04.28 - 08:58PM
2: Chapter 2

When I saw that it said this story was updated I literally was like "I'm gonna fangirl!!!!" XD This story is awesome, keep it up!

2015.04.28 - 07:43PM
2: Chapter 2

"how dare he say she was his when he so clearly wasn’t hers?"...that sums up my feelings exactly...hope Rose remembers that bit of advice from Mickey's Gran about not chasing after the man she wants...this story has pulled me in and has me teetering on the edge of anxious and angry on Rose's behalf.

2015.04.28 - 07:21PM
2: Chapter 2

Oh, really wonderful chapter. Can`t wait to read moore :)

2015.04.28 - 05:53PM
2: Chapter 2

oh damn. The Doctor can be such an ass sometimes. I mean poor Rose. and i don't find her selfish or clingy in her thoughts- she's just being realistic which is something a lot of us can related too. Rienette obviously has no qualms over making her moves on the man in charge. ugh these two