Reviews For Trouble is a Woman

2020.04.16 - 09:12PM
1: Chapter 1

This wonderful story please finish!

2019.10.01 - 01:20AM
1: Chapter 1

2016.11.07 - 10:27AM
4: Chapter 4

Loving this story. I, too, hope you are able to see it through to the end. And, selfishly, I hope you are able to continue soon!

2016.11.03 - 02:40AM
4: Chapter 4

I just found this story as it came up as being newly updated and I love it! I try not to start reading stories that aren't completed, but I have a soft spot for GITF stories. Please tell me you're going to update this on a regular basis?! Don't leave us hanging.....and please don't let the Doctor do anything he shouldn't be doing with Reinette.

2016.11.02 - 10:51PM
4: Chapter 4

Thank you for not forgetting this story...this update was very emotional for me, one minute I felt like Rose was going to work through the pain of feeling lost, swept aside than the moment in the dark brought the despair back with a vengeance....I know Reinette meant well, in her own way, talking about staying and arrangements between them in regards to the Doctor but it left me bitter and sad...hope you will be able to continue with this story to its completion.

2016.11.02 - 09:18PM
1: Chapter 1

Plaeth is one of the finest bits of world-building I have ever read. Ever. And I mean that. So very well done!

Thoroughly enjoying this story!

2016.11.02 - 08:44PM
1: Chapter 1

None of your stories have broken my heart like this one. I hope Rose gets some kind of happy ending, and I want to slap the Doctor so badly.

2016.10.03 - 09:23PM
3: Chapter 3

This is the reason Ten isn't my doctor but Rose, gosh I love her. Can't wait to see what's next. Your interpretation of Ten is spot on.

2016.04.10 - 01:26PM
3: Chapter 3

Poor Rose. I really like this story, I'm glad you're still writing it. I hope the Doctor realizes what he's doing to Rose, and what Reinette is doing with him!

2016.04.10 - 11:37AM
3: Chapter 3

I just want to wrap Rose up in a hug. Poor thing is trying so hard and the Doctor is playing up the attention like no tomorrow. Can't wait for another update!

2016.04.10 - 05:00AM
1: Chapter 1

I do adore your story and characterisation of the characters. Everything is credible and lifelike. Everything is just perfect!
Each and every one exists completely, and has his/her own reasons (more or less apparent) and a psychological drive for his/her actions.

Madame de Pompadour is much more sensitive and attentive to others than normally described, and is not just the heartless cow or homewrecker we usually read. Of course, she enjoys the Doctor's attentions (who wouldn't be flattered?), especially given life at Court where it was a very stressful war/struggle just to capture the King's attention, without naming succeed in keeping it!

Mickey has grown a lot, and we have already glimpses of the man he will become. No more a background character or a foil but a whole person. I love how with such unwavering support, and his constant and faithful presence, he shows how much he really loves Rose. Not an ex boyfriend's love, but the (selfless) love of a true friend who expects nothing in return.

I love the complexity and the alternation of Rose's mixed feelings, her honesty towards herself, without pretense, and her efforts to be fair and better. She is so endearing and true in her humaneness, thus her imperfections. She has the makings of a true heroine.

As for the Doctor, I can comfortably believe that it's more out of jealousy and fear of commitment (besides, isn't it, anyway, flattering to be the object of someone's attentions, in particular such historical figure?) than a romantic interest in one of the most significant Louis XV's mistress.

I love how you wrote them all: they are three-dimensional and each of them is shown in all their aspects, qualities and flaws, uncompromisingly, without condescension.
The story is very much enthralling, and I look forward to see where you're leading them all. I cross, all the same, my fingers for my favorite duo.
Thank you for continuing this wonderful story. It 's more than perfection!
Sorry for my rambling and for being so long but your story stirs so many emotions in me.

2016.04.10 - 02:19AM
1: Chapter 1

I love that you managed to write this without bashing Reinette at all. Can't wait to read more!

2016.04.09 - 10:34PM
3: Chapter 3

Rose's constant internal struggle is both heartbreaking and inspiring...can feel her need to rationalize that the Doctor is who he is and not who she wants him to be...loved Mickey tying so hard to be there for Rose but not knowing how exactly to comfort and support her, always her friend even if it hurts him...thanks for posting.

2015.12.02 - 03:56AM
1: Chapter 1

Wow this is amazing. I am REALLY looking forward to the next chapter on this one! This fic is so funny and insightful. (Sorry to spam you with reviews, but I'm traveling and reading through your stories and they are just great). :-)

2015.11.20 - 04:27PM
2: Chapter 2

I was totally amazed by this story!
It is well-written and just has everything a good story should have ;)
I am looking forward to the next chapter :D