Reviews For Collateral Damage

2010.06.18 - 02:31PM
1: Chapter 1

"Rose wonders if she is a pawn in some battle of wits, and about the multiplying effect they seem to have on each other, and why she never noticed how fucked up they are."

Wow. Dark and beautiful!

2008.10.28 - 06:28AM
1: Chapter 1

That was so brutal and heart wrenching. I normally don't like slash but this was really great. The dynamics of the three seem so real. Absolutely brilliant

2007.11.19 - 01:57AM
1: Chapter 1

Twisted and intense. And just... to be a mortal caught up in a battle between not-quites. I don't know if I should envy Rose or feel sorry for her.

2007.01.25 - 05:28PM
1: Chapter 1

Just read this, and I'm impressed with how sad it is. The reportorial feeling of your prose helps make it, because the slightly disinterested voice makes what's going on with Rose, poor thing, very obvious.

2006.10.18 - 02:08AM
1: Chapter 1

Very that last line...

2006.02.11 - 07:04AM
1: Chapter 1

Guh. No, wait, I mean *ouch*. No, maybe I do mean *guh*. ::is confused, but in a very enjoyable want-to-read-more kind of way::

2006.02.10 - 07:56PM
1: Chapter 1

Excellent work! This is the very first time I've read femslash and actually enjoyed it. And the theme of the Time War running between Ten and Romana - deep, and really excellent. Especially the end, where Rose leaves and the Time War continues behind her.