2015.04.03 - 03:14PM
1: I Warp Light, I Warp Time

Yes, that beautiful man IS a supernova. Stunning, almost tear-inducing final line. :)

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing. :)

2015.04.03 - 11:55AM
1: I Warp Light, I Warp Time

PS: Ten Seconds?

Author's Response: *facepalms* Yes, I know, it\'s terribly stuck and I\'m not working too hard on it because almost no one reads it.

2015.04.03 - 09:26AM
1: I Warp Light, I Warp Time

Hmmm. Well, I must admit that I had to read the first chapter several times (the second chapter was easy to understand); however, I do think the mediphor of 10 seeing himself as a black hole is very apt. Good writing, glad you decided to post this here!

Author's Response: Yeah, Muse kinda chucked this odd one at me. Thanks for reading and reviewing.