2019.03.31 - 12:14PM
11: Unwelcome Guest

My favorite companion. My favorite Doctor was 6. Can you just imagine those two hitting it off?
There is a story prompt for you: a happening happens between the universes and companions are inadvertently switched between tardises.(Maybe 4 of them)

Donna Noble meets 6
11 meets Perri (poor guy!lol),
12 meets Amy & Rory -let the Scottish brogue fly between Amy and 12!I

Anyways, you get the drift...lol

Author's Response: Donna's my favourite too. I don't remember much about the 6th Doctor, I'd need to do some memory refreshing (my favourites are 4 and 11), but I've made a note so I'll think about it. 12 with Amy/Rory appeals though, I remember them better having watched them more recently. Thank you.