2019.03.31 - 03:31PM
29: Amy's Hero

I loved that about those two....And the Doctor saved that marriage too. But am I had they sterilized her! Never did see the end of Madam Kavorkian😡

Author's Response: They were two of my favourite companions. I don't remember what happened to Kovarian either. Thank you!

2019.03.31 - 03:19PM
22: Bright Sparks

This is one I wish I could draw! Great imagination.

Author's Response: I have no idea where this idea came from. Glad you liked it! Thank you!

2019.03.31 - 02:10PM
20: A Quick Dip

Donna should know better by now! Lol

Author's Response: She should, but sometimes even intelligent women can't resist temptation. Thank you!

2019.03.31 - 02:06PM
17: A Bit Of Rain

You got Donna spot on! Oh, now I wish she came back like Sarah Jane did. Just once.

Author's Response: Thank you! I adore Donna, I wish she'd come back someday.

2019.03.31 - 02:01PM
15: Changed

In the end, when Amy cried out to the Doctor and then to River:Don't be alone, in this instance, Amy had a clue what the Doctor went through without companions.

Author's Response: Yes, and what a horrible way to learn what it is to be alone. Thank you.

2019.03.31 - 12:21PM
13: Joking Aside

That was an amazing drabble.


Author's Response: Thank you! Sometimes a prompt just clicks. Glad you liked it!

2019.03.31 - 12:14PM
11: Unwelcome Guest

My favorite companion. My favorite Doctor was 6. Can you just imagine those two hitting it off?
There is a story prompt for you: a happening happens between the universes and companions are inadvertently switched between tardises.(Maybe 4 of them)

Donna Noble meets 6
11 meets Perri (poor guy!lol),
12 meets Amy & Rory -let the Scottish brogue fly between Amy and 12!I

Anyways, you get the drift...lol

Author's Response: Donna's my favourite too. I don't remember much about the 6th Doctor, I'd need to do some memory refreshing (my favourites are 4 and 11), but I've made a note so I'll think about it. 12 with Amy/Rory appeals though, I remember them better having watched them more recently. Thank you.

2019.03.31 - 11:40AM
5: Out Of Reach

On yeah, thanks for ThAT reminder!!!

*snags A box of kleenex ,a comfy quilt, and swoons gracefully unto her fainting couch!

***sobs dramatically***

Author's Response: Sorry *hugs* I just have to go where the prompt and the characters take me, even when it's in a sad direction =( Thank you.

2019.03.31 - 11:19AM
4: Utterly Alien

This was one of my favorites in the nuWho. A genuinely , New monster, and a Doc who CLAIMED AND NAMED THEM:YOU ARE THE BONELESS!


This is the kind of Doc you want to be by your side!
That is, .....if he ever gets out of a teni tiny Tardis;)

Author's Response: Yeah, they were just such bizarre other dimensional creatures, very imaginative. Than you!

2019.03.31 - 12:56AM
3: A Matter Of Taste

4th loved jellybabies,
5th wore celery,
6th drank carrot juice,
9th adored bananas
10th vilified pears,
And good ol'. 11th loved his fish 🐟 & custArd🍨
What we need to do is get a doctor who is a chef!
Honestly, I think the NyQuil Cold Medicine is kicking in

Author's Response: That would be a great idea, lol! Sorry to hear you have a cold. Be better soon!