2017.08.02 - 09:34AM
1: If You Were the Last Woman On Earth

Lost the sound of their voices in my head just a few times in the opening and then... AMAZING. Could hear them almost all the way through. Love the Zagreus reference (and what it did to my head, hitting me out of nowhere when thinking Twelve and Clara). What a tangent...

Then there's this - "Unless one of them is all sad-sack and sobby-blue, because her soldier boy was stupid enough not to raise his head and look before he goosesteps across the street–then, we've got to move heaven and earth just to get him back. Because the Great-She-Is control freak commands you to bring him back." THANK you, Missy. Somebody freaking needed to say that! I loved Clara with Eleven... and I don't know WHAT the hell happened to her with Twelve, but I couldn't stand her. That whole "bossy bitch" thing didn't work for Amy (in my opinion) and it sure as hell didn't work for Clara.

And this - "Deranged, meaningless, groveling self-sacrifice as foreplay, that does sound right up your alley." A rather unflattering description of River's devotion, but one I can completely agree with. Not only that she did it but that it was part of what drew the Doctor. Because looking at that relationship from every angle, inside out, upside down... I still can't really figure out why he loved her so much. lol

The progression of the conversation was natural. It was a long read, but that's part of why I liked it. As someone who used to play out conversations like this, it takes me back to the script format of cowriting. And I do love to read those conversations in their entirety to see how they flowed naturally, rather than a concise and abbreviated form. By the time you reached the point of intimacy, it happened so naturally it didn't feel like the goal of a scene but rather something that just happened on its own.

This line - "Don't give me orders, Doctor." - and the response did it for me. I was hooked in at that point. I absolutely LOVE playing with the D/s characteristics of any relationship (in whatever combination they occur) and this was an awesome picture of Missy. Without being crass or "cheap porn", she takes control BEAUTIFULLY, and the Doctor believably and naturally falls into a role we almost never see him in (because let's face it, his "submission" to Clara, Amy, or even River always carries with it the underlying feeling that he's ridiculously stronger in all respects than any/all of them and so really just sort of humoring them). I don't know which side of this I enjoyed more - watching Missy expertly play her part as Dom ('cause obviously... MADE for the role) or him positively reveling in his experience as sub. And the way they switched back and forth was amazing - it gave the feel of two lovers SO comfortable with each other while keeping all the love/hate dynamic that is Master/Doctor. I can't even do justice to the layers of masochism with a comment. It just makes me want to psychoanalyze them both to DEATH with all the possibilities it opened up for both characters.

Congratulations, you have broadened my mind on the relationship between these two characters. I will never look at either of them the same way again. And if you two writers should ever find the time to pull off a Missy/Master exploration of this caliber, you would make me a VERY happy reader. :-P

2015.03.17 - 08:37PM
1: If You Were the Last Woman On Earth

This story was quite well done. I liked the believably slow build up to the eventual smut, and I really appreciated all of the imaginative touches you added to the back-story of the Doctor/Master(Mistress). Despite his touch-aversion, Twelve's darker aspects lend themselves well to this type of story. I enjoyed your work very much.

Author's Response: Thank you for your feedback!

2015.02.06 - 09:49AM
1: If You Were the Last Woman On Earth

Holy fuck, that was amazing.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading. :-)