2015.01.18 - 02:22AM
4: 4

Very dark, indeed, my friend! Well Done!

Author's Response: *grins evilly* Thanks.

2015.01.17 - 07:59PM
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Oh wow. This is definitely an interesting one and makes
me think about just how far one could actually push the Doctor. Where Rose is concerned, I've always held the belief that part of why he never finished that sentence was if he said it and forced himself to acknowledge it, then he'd have to acknowledge how far he'd have gone to protect her.

Author's Response: It is pretty interesting to think of what the Doctor would do concerning the safety of his companions, because we see him on screen doing serious retribution. I always thought a lot went into his statement of how nothing could stop him when Rose\'s face was taken in The Idiot\'s Lantern. All things considered, I could see this happening.

2015.01.17 - 01:09AM
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too depressing, but interesting concept

Author's Response: Yes, very dark. My muse spews random but interesting things out sometimes. If it\'s not angst, it\'s bound to be something dark. I think I\'ll try to write something light with a more pleasant ending to make up for these though. Thank you for taking time to review.