Reviews For Wedding Bells

2007.08.25 - 12:23PM
3: Aftershock

Yay for the deserved happiness! Good chapter, good story.

2007.08.25 - 12:18PM
2: Suspicions

(Surprisingly, listening to the Doctor Who soundtrack in the background makes these REALLY interesting. Not that they're not.)

Great chapter, but it's cruel of you to leave a cliffhanger like that.

2007.08.25 - 12:14PM
1: Guests

Interesting concept - I'll keep reading, definitely.

2006.02.07 - 06:17PM
1: Guests

Dear Danny,
Thanks so much for the fic. I'm glad I've made such an impressionk but even more grateful for the thought and effort spent on this story. You have a great imagination!! Let's see some more!

2006.02.03 - 04:14AM
1: Guests

A story written with me in mind? My goodness, I'm overwhelmed and now terribly curious!! What an intriguing start!! I can't wait to see where THIS goes! Ari

2006.02.03 - 03:06AM
1: Guests

Loving it. Can't wait to see what you've cooked up.