Reviews For Never Parted

2015.07.13 - 05:00PM
32: Chapter 32- Old Friends

I hope you continue this at some point, I really like it!

2015.03.05 - 06:51PM
1: Chapter 1- Captain's Log

This is clever. Can't wait to read more! *SMILES*

2015.01.01 - 01:18AM
1: Chapter 1- Captain's Log

luv luv LUV this story!! Nine is also my favorite doctor. So much untapped potential to CE's version that we will never see except in fanfic. Write on!!!

Author's Response: I just love him. Everyone should always know that the love story between Rose and the Doctor started with him. IMO, it was at its best with him, but that\'s just me.

2014.12.30 - 09:42PM
10: Chapter 10- Truth and Consequences

I just love your Author's Note for this chapter. I feel exactly the same. Nothing, and I mean absolutely NOTHING would have ever kept Nine and Rose apart, and they are my OTP, more so than Ten and Rose ever were. Nine's love for Rose wasn't blinded by vanity, like Ten's was, either. Eccleston was perfect, and I will defend his performance as the Doctor to my dying breath.

Author's Response: That\'s exactly how I feel. Nine could be more loving, more romantic, and exude more sexual magnetism with a single look than just about any other man I\'ve ever seen. It was just a gorgeous love story, and I like to pretend POTW ended differently, and they\'re still together- making love, making trouble, and maybe even a Time Tot or two. I absolutely loved Eccleston\'s Doctor. I think his character was misunderstood in a lot of ways.

2014.12.30 - 08:51PM
15: Chapter 15- Coming to Terms

Now that I've caught up. This is quite good. I really like that you had the TARDIS take back the energy, it made sense. I love Jack and that he's staying. So I'm curious (and you can say just wait and see) we know Jack's side effects from bad wolf. What about. Roses

Author's Response: We\'ll just have to wait and see. I haven\'t thought that far ahead yet.

2014.12.30 - 07:18AM
1: Chapter 1- Captain's Log

(seconding the plug for "the winter season". Holy bananas, it's an amazing read!)
Well done!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!

2014.12.30 - 04:04AM
1: Chapter 1- Captain's Log

First I love that it started from Jacks point of view. And second never apologize for your ship. I know a lot of people just don't see 9 and Rose I think if it's written well I'm a any doctor and rose. ( and I'm going to plug something if you get a chance read the Winter Season by Teawithlemon. 9 uses a fob watch instead of regenerating)

Author's Response: I love TWS (and just about everything she pens). I\'ve read it more than once, actually. I don\'t even pretend to be able to write elaborate portraits like that. I did, however, want to give a heads-up that I really don\'t go for Ten/Rose. You might see that come through in my writing. I am very grateful to David Tennant, though. The fact that CE only had the one season ensured that my beloved Nine did not suffer from character assassination in a second season.

2014.12.29 - 10:17PM
1: Chapter 1- Captain's Log

I love the point of view your using, and can't wait to read the rest.

Author's Response: There will be various POV at first but that will soon change. Thanks!