Reviews For Leather Armor

2015.06.13 - 06:34PM
1: Leather Armor

I absolutely love this. We saw in the show how she became Doctor-like and while totally missing her current Doctor she clearly was drawing on memories of her first. Well done.

2015.06.10 - 05:43PM
1: Leather Armor

This gave me chills, honest to goodness chills. You should write more along this vein.

2015.01.13 - 10:34PM
1: Leather Armor

Ooof. This was amazingly powerful. I hurt for Rose as I read this. I also feel like it summed up her transition between Nine and Ten, as well as that beautiful, fierce creature that came through the Void once more. I wish she could have had Nine forever. But this was wonderful to read.

2014.12.06 - 11:16AM
1: Leather Armor


I'm so happy that someone finally wrote this down, because so many people miss the symbolism of her character in Journey's End. I always struggle while trying to explain it. Now I can just show people this drabble! And you wrote it beautifully. Thanks!

Author's Response: I love Nine. This was a bit of a love letter to him. Thanks!

2014.12.06 - 12:47AM
1: Leather Armor

Really nice character study. I felt like Rose, at the end of JE, was really echoing both her Doctors. Her colors matched Ten's, but the leather was all Nine.

Author's Response: Thanks! I like your perspective. I really am all about Nine, though. I like reminding people that it was him she loved first. That and CE is absolutely off the chain in terms of sex appeal. I mean, I could write pages about what makes that man and his portrayal of the Ninth Doctor just....RAWR.