2014.12.04 - 07:06PM
1: A Dozen Yellow Roses

Beautifully sad.

Author's Response: Thanks

2014.12.04 - 04:38PM
1: A Dozen Yellow Roses

Like this very much, and I'm not even that fond of 12.

Author's Response: I am particularly glad that you can enjoy this story despite your misgivings about the character himself.

2014.12.04 - 12:12PM
1: A Dozen Yellow Roses

This is nice - not only post-regeneration but objectively 1800 or more years since he's seen her. Which "she" is a character that you don't like (and must not be named)? A little confused by your author's note. Does that mean she's a character that you did not name in this story?

Author's Response: Ah! Yes, she-who-must-not-be-named. Sorry, that may not have been clear for everyone. That\'s referring to Reinette. Or Madam de Pompadour, whichever one you like. The scene tends to have a negative view because of the reference to the her, which is odd, because he (the Doctor) only makes a reference to the ship.

2014.12.04 - 09:53AM
1: A Dozen Yellow Roses

You're trying to make me cry aren't you?

Author's Response: It\'s my job as an author to write tear-worthy angst at times. Here, have a tissue. *Hands box of tissues*