Reviews For School dinners

2006.02.12 - 05:59PM
21: Bookends

Whew, what a wild ride. It felt like falling down the rabbit hole. Thanks for dropping us in. :)

Author's Response: any time :)

2006.02.05 - 09:18AM
1: Landing Pattern

You're one of the few if not only DW fanfic writers who gives me the impression that you read lots of SF, as opposed to just watching it on TV. I'd be curious to know who your influences/favorite authors are. Aside from the occasional grammatical error, your story continues to be interesting and exciting.

Author's Response: old stuff: kate orman, paul cornell, cs lewis,neil gaiman, ben aaronovitch; new stuff the Faction Paradox series. don\'t read much sf lately; haven\'t found good stuff. reading lots of augusten burroughs (gay/comedy)- Dry is quite good :) thanks again! djb

2006.02.04 - 05:38AM
10: One more time, with feeling

This is another incredible ride. And you give such insight to the characters while putting them in such strange situations.

I love it.

Author's Response: Thank you very much; I\'ll try to keep it interesting ;)

2006.02.02 - 05:08AM
1: Landing Pattern

I am loving this! It's wonderfully complex and I always feel like I'm going to be broadsided with something. :D Love that feeling. Great story!

And you sent me an email a bit ago to look at something...what was it you wanted me to look at? And...are you going to Gallifrey?

2006.01.31 - 04:05PM
1: Landing Pattern

Holy crap. This is majestic: mental, and terrifying, and entirely on crack, but majestic all the same. Especial props for Turlough being brilliantly alien, Joanne the celery, Turlough the handbag, and oy, that Adric glimpse. And the thousands of TARDISes with their thousands of Doctors...eep. Bloody great. And I'll have what you're having ;)

Author's Response: Thanks! you\'re awfully kind. glad you\'re enjoying it!

2006.01.31 - 02:07PM
3: Bad Hair Day

Intense.... when's the next part coming out?

2006.01.31 - 03:24AM
1: Landing Pattern

My God, this is the most intensely wild thing I've read in a long time anywhere. You have an extraordinary gift for metaphor that leads minds into the world of the fantastic. ... and everyone is so wonderfully in character. Whatever you might be smoking, please share!!!!!
Thanks for this story!

Author's Response: Thanks! just Wheat Thins and chocolate Soy Milk... does strange stuff to the mind..