Reviews For Trembling

2014.11.12 - 02:50PM
1: Trembling

Oh my poor Ten. That was right in the feels. I just want to cuddle him. There was some comfort there but for him to know she wasn't there.... :(

Author's Response: I WANT TO CUDDLE HIM TOO. I really do. It hurts me so much but somehow I don\'t think I\'ll ever stop writing angst. I\'m sorry! I promise I\'m gonna write fluff next. Promise! Thanks for reading the misery, anyway <3

2014.11.12 - 01:20PM
1: Trembling

Beautiful, this hurts in such a good way.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!

2014.11.12 - 12:49PM
1: Trembling

Oh, that did hurt! My poor Ten! It might have only been a dream, but Rose's words still ring true.
Don't you ever listen to them! Not one of those evil bastards have it even close to right! You're a good man and you are loved

Author's Response: I know, our bb :( Why do I hurt him this way, my dearest doctor? Well, I\'m not sure. I think it\'s therapeutic for me, maybe. Or maybe I\'m just a masochist. But you\'re so right: Rose makes excellent points. He never sees himself the way everyone else sees him, and it breaks my heart! Thanks for reading. <3