Reviews For Predilection

2009.01.22 - 07:19PM
1: Predilection

This was absolutely marvelous! LOL

2007.11.19 - 02:22AM
1: Predilection

The start was hilarious, with the criticism of Rose's (or the people who write Rose's) possible intolerance towards asexuals (I know it's a theory people have about the Doctor, and well, there are humans who identify that way too, and yes. Sarcasm towards the assumption that he's obviously a sex-positive creature duly noted....)

And then the bit where he gabbles about her avoiding anything that suggests a hierarchy and adds the bit about no tentacles.... He could be pulling her chain, but aha, so funny.

2006.03.11 - 12:05PM
1: Predilection

Lmao! Loved it, loved it, loved it! What more can I say?!

2006.01.27 - 05:50AM
1: Predilection

God help him. The new Doctor likes hentai.

2006.01.26 - 12:17AM
1: Predilection

Yeah, great lines! Bunny in the headlights! Makes me wonder what Rose would actually look like in a School girl uniform......

2006.01.25 - 07:04PM
1: Predilection

There are so many funny lines in that I can't even begin to pick my favourites. Fantastic! Really, that was great!

2006.01.25 - 03:35PM
1: Predilection

Cute and funny!

2006.01.25 - 02:31PM
1: Predilection

Oh, but it's wrong in such a *right* way!

Lines I love:

she'd been in danger of suffocating on her own breasts...

He looked like a rabbit that had just worked out what those two bright lights were and why they were getting closer.

Rose did the dance of joy. And also the dance of sad...

Possibly I'll make some graphs, and then we can look at them together.

Oh hell, I loved the whole thing, beginning to end.