2015.08.20 - 01:31AM
1: The Schwarzschild Radius

The parallel you draw between Rose and the Doc and the black hole and the bitter pill at the end. Ouch. And oh so good.

2014.09.27 - 10:40AM
1: The Schwarzschild Radius

This is the most loving use of physics I've ever run across. Both for the Doctor, and the author.

2014.09.25 - 09:39AM
1: The Schwarzschild Radius

I am awed by the ineffible beauty of this story. From the Doctor's tenuous hold on his desire, to the scientific soliloquies; this was nothing short of perfection.

2014.09.24 - 05:20AM
1: The Schwarzschild Radius

I can only echo the praise of SilentStars. His struggle to wrap a description around things that have no material form, yet hold sway over him like no weapon ever has, and his inner attempt at clinging to behavioral absolutes that don't feel so absolute when he's near her... it's almost too good, if you know what I mean. It's the vulnerability, I suppose -- his befuddlement at realizing just how *not* impervious he is to this human. Thank you :).

2014.09.23 - 11:30PM
1: The Schwarzschild Radius

Reading your writing is like reading poetry. Every line is so meaningful, so dense... I loved so many parts of this, I can't even choose a favourite. The Doctor contains multitudes, is definitely one... And At first he'd loved her like a new landscape, later like a beautiful song, and then something closer. More intimate. A security blanket, a favorite poem, like the first taste of sugar, a cocktail, a recreational drug. Something that goes in your mouth; something that ends up in your blood.

Now she’s a shiver, an itch; she’s a sneeze. She’s something that wrests control of his body away from him.

and physics as metaphors? Gahhh...

Thanks so much for this treat!