Reviews For Dream Lover

2014.09.01 - 01:22PM
1: Dream Lover

Happy Birthday Bloose09!!! All I can say is I wish it was your birthday every day if we could get stories/illustrations like this! YOWZA!!!

Author's Response: It is the custom among our group to blame bloose for everything - or as much as we can get away with. We are very happy that we could bring you a little pleasure along the way. Thank you.

2014.09.01 - 11:24AM
1: Dream Lover

Jer and Scifi you have out done yourselves yet again! What a special birthday gift you have both given me. *hugs* Jer your words are perfection and Scifi your manips heighten the emotions flowing from the page. It is like listening to a symphony with every instrument in perfect harmony. I love how the Doctor and Rose are so perfectly in tune with each other's desires and needs. It is as if they were always leading to this moment.

Loved this:
(This is good: she has given him something to concentrate on whilst he works to contain any rebellious noises that Time Lords, he is sure, should neither need nor want nor allow themselves to make. Or, alternately, she has pushed him closer to anarchy.)

Thank you so much for your thoughtful, hot, gift!

Author's Response: You\'re welcome. You are an easy woman to shop for! (Nine, Rose, Romance - OTP… just have to remember not to send them to you to beta, even though they\'d end up better) Teaspoon is not the place for a love fest, so this will be short. You know how much your friendship has meant to me. As for writing partners - I don\'t think it could get much better than the three of us, or more wild, or more fun.