2015.03.31 - 12:33AM
32: Chapter 32

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Author's Response: I\'m so relieved you like it. I was so worried. I spent hours and hours editing it, hoping it would sound okay. There are dark days in the future for the universe, filled with destruction. As for Jack... I have a good idea of what\'s going to happen to him. I still need to plan out a lot of the plot before I can continue the series.

2015.03.26 - 04:03PM
31: Chapter 31

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Author's Response: There\'s only one chapter left for this story but I\'m going to continue the series. I love it too much to let it end. I think there\'s going to be either 2 or 3 more parts to this series.

2015.03.26 - 10:03AM
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Author's Response: I love it too. It\'s so hard for me to end a story because I always want to keep it going. I love the characters and I hate the finality of an ending. There\'s only one more chapter left. I\'ve been editing it and I\'ll probably post it early next week.

2015.03.22 - 09:07AM
30: Chapter 30

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Author's Response: Thanks! I just had this urge to do it. I love writing a creepy dark Doctor. It\'s so much fun! :) The Doctor\'s definitely started his killing rampage. What happens in the next chapter might surprise you.

2015.03.18 - 01:36AM
29: Chapter 29

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Author's Response: I love rock! I\'ll have to listen to the songs. Most of the time when I write I\'m listening to music. There was a song I listened to over and over again when I was writing chapter 17 that I thought of for the relationship between the Master and the Doctor. It\'s called Weapon by Matthew Good. I hope you like the next chapter. It\'s going to be fun.

2015.03.03 - 12:47AM
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Author's Response: Don\'t worry. The Doctor\'s going to have fun. After everything he\'s been through he can\'t wait to get revenge on Jack and the Master.

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Author's Response: The Doctor is definitely trapped in hell right now. I don\'t know how he\'s going to get out of it. As for killing them... there\'s going to be more blood to spill before the story ends. :)

2015.02.14 - 01:21AM
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Author's Response: I don\'t think the Doctor saw that one coming. The Master is so stubborn he won\'t give up trying to break him. He might just regret that decision. I\'m still working on how to end the story. I have some interesting ideas that I hope you\'ll like.

2015.02.05 - 02:24AM
25: Chapter 25

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Author's Response: Thank you! There\'s still lots of interesting twists planned for the next few chapters. It\'s not going to be easy for any of them.

2015.01.29 - 10:47PM
24: Chapter 24

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Author's Response: Jack is doing everything he can to stop the Doctor, but will it be enough? There are many twists coming up in the next few chapters.

2015.01.22 - 08:52AM
23: Chapter 23

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Author's Response: The Doctor is getting closer to victory. The universe will never be the same.

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22: Chapter 22

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Author's Response: I\'ve been waiting for this moment since I started writing Until it Breaks. It took forever to get to this point but it\'s finally here. I\'m so happy you like it. Thank you!

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Author's Response: You\'re just going to have to wait and see what happens. I don\'t want to spoil the fun. I promise there\'s going to be lots of action in the next chapter. :)

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Author's Response: It\'s nice to know you\'re loving this as much as I am. The Master\'s going to wish he never tried to control the Doctor. Everything will be revealed in the next chapter.

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Author's Response: The Doctor is back to normal. Jack is going to have to hurry to save him from the Master before it\'s too late. The next few chapters are going to be pretty intense. The Doctor\'s mind can only take so much.