Reviews For One Night's Gift

2014.09.03 - 01:21PM
2: And There Was Morning

This was lovely! Jack needs to meet lots of people like this, people who are sweet to him and remind him that he deserved to be loved (and also want to shag him senseless, because Jack).

Author's Response: Thanks Lyric. I\'m so glad you liked this, and thanks for letting me know. Jack absolutely needs more people and nights like this, so I wrote one for him. He totally deserves to be loved, and shagged senseless!

2014.08.06 - 02:18PM
1: There Was Evening . . .

This is exactly Jack's kind of night, isn't it.
Well written, leaves nothing to the imagination.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me that you liked this story - I can\'t tell you how much your review ment to me in the middle of a hard day. This is the first time I\'ve ever written an erotic story so I\'m glad I wrote it well. And there is still the morning to come!

2014.08.05 - 08:35PM
1: There Was Evening . . .

Poor Jack all tired out :). I like that is more than Jack getting some, I want to know why Linnea has all those scars and why she is with her husband and I'm glad that for Jack, just one night is spent without having to worry that can't trust the people that he's with. That for once, he can let his guard done and just have fun. Looking for the morning

Author's Response: Thanks Ceeare. Jack\'s lonely and deserves some lovin\' is my thought. I have plans for the morning. ;~)