Reviews For Abduction

2014.11.29 - 12:21AM
22: Chapter 22

I quite liked this story!

The Doctor is true to the end. Just trying to help people. You captured him so well.

Author's Response: I\'m glad you enjoyed the story, the Doctor just couldn\'t let them all suffer even after they did to him.

2014.08.31 - 05:00AM
1: Chapter 1

Also I forgot to say...the only reason I'm looking for new stories to follow is because you haven't updated Code 9. I refresh the page a couple times each hopes you've updated.

Author's Response: Sorry about Code 9, have got quite a bit more written but not typed up yet. Hope to get another chapter up tomorrow if I find the time to type. Kx

2014.08.31 - 04:59AM
22: Chapter 22

Y'know I never bothered to see who had written this story until just now. I was thinking through out this this person must be a fan of Unslinky's because I'm finding a lot of similarities. You're like everywhere and there is no escape from your excellent writing.

Great story :)

Author's Response: Glad that you enjoyed the story, was just a quick one.

2014.08.18 - 03:40PM
22: Chapter 22

12 chapters to 22? All stories should be so lucky. Thanks for always filling in the bit and pieces. On to Code 9!!!

Author's Response: Lol, it would have been 12 chapters if I had done them between 3000 and 4000 words a chapter instead of around 2000 words a chapter.

Code 9 is coming, promise, but remembered that I wrote the next bit in the wrong notebook because I picked up the wrong one when going out to write, and I can\'t find it. It\'s kicking around somewhere, or I\'m going to have to write the next bit again and am a bit OCD about things like that, lol.

2014.08.18 - 02:57PM
22: Chapter 22

That was a great ending. I'm glad that the Doctor was able to cure them and he's going to be okay.

Author's Response: Lol, tried to do a happy ending for a change - not very good at them, personally think it ends weak, but glad that you enjoyed it. They should have just asked him though.

2014.08.17 - 05:51AM
1: Chapter 1

I don't believe it! I've had Code 9 open in a tab since you went on holiday and completely missed this story ( I only checked for updates once or twice the last few days, seriously). Juhu I now have 18 Chapters of unslinky to read! During your break in Spain I found a great DW comic called The Ten Doctors ( caught up with another epic fanfic, suffered horribly because some non-german speaking fanfic author decided to write a german speaking housekeeper by using google traslate and misspelling german words, Schotz. And I binge watched One foot in the grave, can you tell?

Author's Response: You\'ve been busy!! I have read about half of that DW comic, and it\'s great. Google translate is a nightmare! We sometimes have to resort to that at work when telephone translation isn\'t available and always worry about it, especially if you put something in to translate from English to Chinese or something and then copy the same Chinese text to translate back to English it comes back with something different! Talk about Chinese whispers!! One foot in the grave binges? Lol. I don\'t believe it either!

2014.08.16 - 05:22PM
18: Chapter 18

It's a little bit unnerving how much the Doctor keeps forgetting. I know it's because of the medication and that they have to keep him calm but it's a kind of creepy. Well, that, and how far removed he is from his usual behaviour. The sucky thing is that Martha told him and then he's just going to forget but he's also going to keep asking.

Author's Response: It is just the medication making him forget, but it is so unlike the Doctor who is normally on top of everything. They can\'t let him get stressed though. As the sedation is reduced he will remember more of what is going on.

2014.08.15 - 10:49PM
16: Chapter 16

Well at least he's kind of awake now.

Author's Response: Kind of, and for a short period of time, it is going to take him a while to get over all of this. The virus has really taken a toll on him.

2014.08.15 - 10:17PM
12: Chapter 12

Martha is so awesome. I know she can be stubborn sometimes and never look after herself but she's always there for her friends.

Author's Response: Yeah, she bust her ankle and didn\'t skip a beat in her treatment of the Doctor.

2014.08.05 - 09:59PM
6: Chapter 6

This is so tense. Poor Doctor.

Author's Response: He\'s in a bad way

2014.08.05 - 09:48PM
4: Chapter 4

Waiting like that would be terrible!

Author's Response: They have got no choice, if they went out in the weather then the chopper would ice up and they\'d all end up in the sea.

2014.08.05 - 06:39AM
2: Chapter 2

She blames herself...but the Doctor is a trouble magnet...but his abductors have yet to meet one Donna Noble.

Author's Response: She does blame herself, it is hard not to, I am sure that Donna is going to have a word or two to be said, but dealing with the abductors will not be the priority when they get there.

2014.08.04 - 08:10PM
2: Chapter 2

Poor Donna. She's going to blame herself.

Author's Response: She isn\'t going to be happy about it, but if they were scanning for him then they would have got him wherever he was.

2014.08.04 - 09:23AM
1: Chapter 1

Bahahaha!! Of course the Doctor wanted to blow up a mall full of shop dummies. It's what he does.

Love how well Donna understands the Doctor. She's usually a step ahead of him, just as she is here.

You really started this story off with a "bang" upside the Doctor's head! LOL! I'll believe only 12 chapters when I see it. I should start a betting pool with your other readers. ;-)

Author's Response: Blowing up shops? Does that count as a hobby do you think?

The Doctor wasn\'t going to last long with the shopping was he?

And yeah, poor Doctor, has got a right old crack. As for 12 chapters? Hmmm, yeah, 12 have gone up now (might get in trouble because have broken the validation rules about number of chapters and number of words per day but am off to Spain this afternoon). If you\'re starting a better pool - put me down for 20 Chapters, which would have been 12 if I had gone for an average of 3000 words per chapter rather than 2000.

2014.08.04 - 06:38AM
1: Chapter 1

And here we go...but have the counted on Donna; she won't be happy.

Author's Response: Donna definitely isn\'t going to be happy.