Zen Clarke
2007.04.24 - 06:54PM
12: Part Twelve: Conclusion

*sighs in memories* And so it comes to a conclusion...I remember when I first read this chapter. I did as you suggested, and got a PB&J. *grins* But...I only made it about halfway through before my mom started giving me glares and sent me to bed. *is sad* Do you have any idea how evil it is to be sent to bed when you have half a chapter left to a book??? IT'S NOT FUN!!!

Hearing her concerned thoughts of concern for the Doctor, Fizzwizz15 had to suppress the urge to vomit up a planet. Human emotions sometimes made it feel nauseous.

Hee hee! That just makes me laugh! Anyway, are you going to bring Fizzwizz15 back? Hmm...Well, now that I've read this one, might as well read the next too! *grins* Best. Book. Ever. WRITTEN!!!!!

Zen Clarke
2007.04.24 - 05:57PM
11: Part Eleven

...And it's times like these when I'm glad that I joined after many of the brilliant books were finished...I didn't have to wait. *grins stupidly* *gets evil glares* *smile fades and she gulps* Back away, sloooowly....

Zen Clarke
2007.04.24 - 05:49PM
10: Part Ten

Wow Doctor, I can see you in a whole new light.” She said smiling while he rolled his eyes before smiling back at her.

“Really Rose? Well I can barely see any of you, so I think I am on the upper hand here.” He chuckled before he started receiving a series of light slaps on his arm.

“Just joking Rose. Humans can never take a joke can they?” he complained awhile Rose was attacking him and laughing at the same time.

LOL! No, most cannot take jokes. *grins* And yes, it is very annoying that you keep leaving cliffhangers like that...:D

Zen Clarke
2007.04.24 - 05:42PM
9: Part Nine: Back to the Beginning...

Oh, there's always that one person that's evillest of all, isn't there? ...I totally spelled that wrong, didn't I?

Zen Clarke
2007.04.24 - 05:36PM
8: Part Eight

OMG!!!!!!!! That makes my hip hurt just thinking about it!!!

Zen Clarke
2007.04.24 - 05:25PM
7: Part Seven

There fore…HEY! I can see my TARDIS from up here!

ROFLOL!!!!! Typical. I also like the, "We won't go splat...we'll go 'crunch', so stay positive!" Or something alon those lines! LOL!

Zen Clarke
2007.04.19 - 09:46PM
6: Part Six

How about this, I give you a generous donation of reviews? It's what I'm good at! *grins* Yayz! Can't wait to read the next chapter...again...WHAT!?! When I first read it, I wasn't on here so I couldn't review! Ah, those were the days...sort of...back then nobody on here even knew I existed...wow...that's depressing...*yawns* I'll read more tomorrow. I'm really tired; I recently finished a Social Studies project that's due tomorrow, and I also have testing as well...hmm...same subject...cool.

Zen Clarke
2007.04.19 - 09:37PM
5: Part Five

Do not panic because Rose is dead...actually no panic.

I just want you to know, you asked for it: AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *is panicing (SPELLING!?!?!?!?!)* Forget hypervenelating!!!!! *runs around yelling* ...By George, I think I've finally cracked...

Zen Clarke
2007.04.19 - 09:27PM
4: Part Four

*is worried* Uh-oh...*starts to hypervenelate*

Zen Clarke
2007.04.18 - 08:25PM
3: Part Three

And the unknown leads to...feathers? Hmm...maybe if she's really lucky it was just some giant using a feather duster and some feathers came off...? *laughs worriedly* Heh, heh...heh...?

Zen Clarke
2007.04.18 - 08:19PM
2: Part Two

*squirms with delight* *stomach growls* *ignores it* Hee hee hee! I LOVE this story! Sorry it took so long for me to actually read more... < :) I'm easily distrac--OOOO!!!! LOOK AT THAT!!!! *runs off*

Zen Clarke
2007.04.15 - 03:47PM
1: Part One

Believed to be extinct (obviously they weren’t), a Nebula is an electrical storm that can range from one metre to fifty metres in size! It has two huge black eyes and can carry charges of up to one million volts! Lucky for the Doctor and Rose this Nebula was only a baby, it was only nine metres long and its biggest charge was a hundred thousand volts.

Hmm...somehow, that just wouldn't make me feel any safer. *grins* I'm re-reading it. :D

2006.11.04 - 06:48AM
12: Part Twelve: Conclusion

Wow... but you can't kill Rose! this is really good...

Author's Response: Thanks! Whether if Rose will die or not will show in \'Two Hearts Beating as One\' which continues the story. Thanks for the review and glad you liked it! :)

Zen Clarke
2006.10.11 - 04:12PM
1: Part One

OMG! I never reviewed for this!?! This was like, one of the first books I ever read on whofic! (I'm pretty sure it WAS the first book.) Ehem, WICKEDLY BRILLIANTLY FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Thankyou! :D Glad you like it and that you have reviewed it! I can\'t remember the first story I read when I first came to this website but it\'s awesome to know that this was one of the first ones you read. :)

2006.05.10 - 11:29PM
12: Part Twelve: Conclusion

Wow!!! That was a great ending. PLEASE DONT KILL ROSE!!! That story was great. Im glad you finally finshed it. I want more though!! Give me more!
Again well done

Author's Response: HOORAY! A THIRD WHO LIKES IT! :) sorry a little excited here... I have given you more too (Aren\'t i good? lol.) Part two of the series is out is out and I hope you like it. :) It will unfold and the fate of Rose will be decided throughout the course of the story....let me put it this way....think about the title...it is the point in what happens in the story. Two hearts beating as one. Think about it and it will come to you. :)