Reviews For The Choice

2020.10.31 - 01:22PM
53: Epilogue

This has been on my reading list for years but I only just read it ‚ÄĒ what a brilliant fic! Loved it you did an amazing job.

2020.08.22 - 10:02AM
53: Epilogue

I stumbled across this story again after a few years and was delighted to see that it was complete! Wow! You really made good on the earlier promise of the story. I'm so glad Nine managed to time lock his memories! I also thought you did a really great job with the TARDIS in this fic. You managed to pull off making her a major character who shapes the plot without giving her any inexplicable ability to talk with words all the time. Well done all around, and Iím so glad you came back to this! Thanks for a great story!

2020.07.12 - 02:52PM
1: Prologue

I love the slightly psychic paper, that's sure to prove interesting. I can hear the theme song as he steps past the Tardis in the shadows. That was such an important moment in "Rose" and I think it's quite clever how you gave it to us again, but this time plus amnesia. I finally have a free afternoon to read the remainder at one go, what fun for me. Congratulations on finishing!

2020.05.29 - 01:50AM
53: Epilogue

You really have to give Nine credit, he knew that without a push from his subconscious and the TARDIS there was a high probability that he would have not gone bittersweet that we've come to the end...thanks for not giving up on this brilliant story....hope we will have an opportunity to enjoy another of your stories.

2020.05.26 - 08:36AM
52: Chapter Fifty-One

Oh, it was amazing story. So many really strong emotions, i'm impressed)) Too bad it ended. Although, I really hope that you will be continue to write a new stories with Tenth and Rose.
P.S. I really like your series the slow path)

2020.05.25 - 11:34PM
52: Chapter Fifty-One

What an update, always hoped those events would bring them closer together not push them further apart...the Doctor actually handled that conversation as a grown-up with only a slight thought of running away...Mickey was a wonderful addition to this story and had proven his worth in so many ways...hard to believe we are nearing its end.

2020.02.25 - 04:28AM
51: Chapter Fifty

An amazing story! Definitely a roller coaster ride for Rose and for the Doctor(s)! I'm looking forward to the final chapter and also sorry to see it end.

2020.02.23 - 04:06PM
51: Chapter Fifty

Wow, glad I read this on an empty stomach...this was one emotional ride...for me, if Ten couldn't acknowledge or embrace what occurred between John/Nine and Rose, than I could understand Rose's choice to block those memories or leave for good...not sure it would be healthy for anyone otherwise...a well done this journey you've taken us on...bit sorry to see it end.

2020.02.15 - 08:06PM
50: Chapter Forty-Nine

An interesting conversation between Nine and Ten but wonder if there will be any winners after all is said and done...sorry to see Nine go.

2020.02.14 - 10:24PM
50: Chapter Forty-Nine

The Doctors never get along with each and your dialogue is spot on! :>)

2020.02.10 - 07:35PM
49: Chapter Forty-Eight

Mickey, the not so much an idiot...loved his growth from the Autons to "Ten", what are you going to do with all those close to the choice and anxious on which way it will go.

2020.02.10 - 04:00AM
49: Chapter Forty-Eight

So close - I love how it's all coming together now! :) :)

2020.02.03 - 02:29PM
48: Chapter Forty -Seven

Oh, this is not fair! The last chapter was bad enough, "Doctor"! But this one, the TARDIS is arriving and you leave us hanging! Shame on you. But, of course, the chapters are fantastic, so I'll forgive you. Eagerly awaiting the next. And, like everyone else, this has been a great trip and I hate to see it end.

2020.02.02 - 11:28PM
48: Chapter Forty -Seven

As much as I would love this story to last forever, my curiosity is screaming at me to see who comes out of the TARDIS...or is it "John's" TARDIS coming to retrieve him...what a great cliffhanger.

2020.02.02 - 09:53PM
48: Chapter Forty -Seven

I am literally YELLING at that ending !!!!! Iím so excited to see how this all ends but also heartbroken cause itís ending :í(

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!