Reviews For Strings Attached

2015.07.23 - 05:19PM
9: Chapter 9

I'm having so much fun reading this. I've never given much thought to Pete, but your imagination has brought him to life. Your writing style is also excellent, I just get lost in what I'm reading. Your characterizations are spot on, and your descriptions of the action make it so easy to imagine. I really wish they'd done a Pete's world spin off,but I guess you'll have to do it for them.

Author's Response: Ahh, thank you! Pete's the first muse I got into where he was sort of more or less mine to romp with. And it's been fun, realizing his world and how it is different and how it's the same. I always wished we had known more of Pete, and I just decided I wanted to write about him. He's a fun character, my second favorite muse, I believe (Scully is my favorite). I love how he is at heart a good man, though flawed. And I love finding those bits of him that I know explain Rose. Thank you for reading, of course, and I hope to keep you interested!

2015.02.26 - 12:04AM
32: Chapter 32

Before I begin, I have to admit that I'm a terrible reviewer, reading and enjoying your story and then not telling you until now. Sorry. :(

And so now I want to let you know that I really enjoyed following Pete's journey and the way his life changed so radically; all due to meeting up with a mad man in a box from another Universe. In my opinion, what you have written fits so well that it could easily be a Pete's World spin-off of the Doctor Who series - it's that good!

I'm really looking forward to the next story. :)

Author's Response: Terrible reviewers are welcome! I admit, I am that same sort of reviewer too, I know, I\'m awful. But I\'m glad you enjoyed Pete\'s journey. He\'s fun to write for and fun to explore as a person. So I look forward to doing more of it!

2015.02.25 - 03:25PM
32: Chapter 32

I've enjoyed this story so much and love all the characters you have created ... they have all been so very interesting and it was good to see Pete and Jackie's story ending on a high note ... can't wait for the next story to start and to read where your muse decides to take them next :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I can\'t wait for the next story to start either, and look forward to seeing how the settled life works, or doesn\'t work, for Pete!

2015.02.25 - 02:28PM
32: Chapter 32

I'm sad to see this story end, but I am very much looking forward to the sequel!! Really fantastic writing, my dear :)

Author's Response: Thank you! And I hope you do like the next story as well.

2015.02.19 - 04:07PM
31: Chapter 31

Yay Miles is dating Ianto ... well I'm assuming he is ... which would be very cool because I think the two of them would be very suited together

I love these moments between Pete and Miles ... it's male bonding and friendship in a very real way ... they don't always agree and sometimes they get embarrassed about how right the other's observations are but they know they have a trusted confidante that they can rely on ... someone who validates them but doesn't hesitate to call bullshit when it is needed

I really love this story and can't wait to read the rest of it :)

Author's Response: Yeah, he\'s dating Ianto. I doubt you\'ll see him, though. Maybe a little bit, I\'m thinking he might appear as just a hint. There is no Jack in this world, and I thought Miles and Ianto would suit. And I figured having both lost people in their lives, they\'d get each other. And yes, am digging on the Pete/Miles relationship. Though Miles is younger, I think he\'s got that practical side to him that keeps Pete grounded, and they work out surprisingly well. Pete needs that someone who isn\'t just a yes man. He can get that from other people in his life. He needs a friend.

2015.02.18 - 06:40PM
31: Chapter 31

Miles is great. Lovely chapter.

Will you write until Tentoo appears? I'd love to see how you'll write him with Rose and working with Torchwood, the stuff of legends together again saving Pete's World.

Author's Response: I am thinking about how to tackle that. Possibly. We will see. I know this will actually turn into two stories, so I may play with that idea a little bit. Let me think on it. :) And yes, I love Miles. He says all the things I can\'t.

2015.02.18 - 11:33AM
31: Chapter 31

I think Miles might be dating Ianto... Maybe?... I guess we'll see ;) Fantastic update!!

Author's Response: You are a very smart and perceptive person. I think that Miles may be dating Ianto too.

2015.02.18 - 11:03AM
31: Chapter 31

I'm love the character of Miles! I hope that we get to find out more about him as the story goes! Great chapter.

Author's Response: I adore Miles. He\'s the first OC I\'ve ever really done in a story ever, and he sort of just has taken a life of his own. I needed to fill Pete\'s life with someone, and there was Miles. He\'s a bit inspired by Assassin\'s Creed...okay, a lot, but then he\'s got a lot of his own stuff going on in there that\'s just pure Miles. I wish I knew a real one!

2015.02.11 - 02:57PM
30: Chapter 30

I love how you have written Rose ... yes she is devastated about being separated from the Doctor ... but she is still Rose with her strong sense of what is right, courage and cheeky sass ... somehow I think Gordon needs to watch his step or he might find himself out of a job real soon :)

Author's Response: Yeah, she\'s still Rose. And I wanted that to still be there. And Gordon, yeah...he\'s not going to figure too much more in this story, but maybe the next. We shall see. Unlike Miles, who sort of roared to life, fully formed, in my head, Gordon so up just popped up to exist.

2015.02.10 - 08:51PM
30: Chapter 30

I'm madly in love with this chapter!! Just what I needed today :)

Author's Response: I\'m so glad I can bring a little cheer into your life! Hooray!

2015.02.04 - 07:45AM
29: Chapter 29

Yay go Jackie and Pete :)

I really liked that you gave a nod to their rushing at each other snog from the show ... it seems appropriate ... but also reminded me that I should be surprised they managed to keep their hands off each other for so long ... looking forward to reading Rose's reaction when she finally finds out about them ... I some how don't think Pete or Jackie are going to be able to keep it secret for very long ... or wipe the smiles off their faces ;)

Author's Response: *grin* Nope. But I didn\'t like the idea of them just falling into bed with one another straight off. There\'s a lot to deal with, a new world, trying to figure out how to deal with people who are and aren\'t their spouses, I know I wouldn\'t be comfortable just saying, \"hey, well while we are here, let\'s shag.\" And I wanted to be mindful of the fact that while it\'s been only a few years for Pete, it\'s been twenty for Jackie, with a lot in between. And this is a woman who can\'t program her VCR, wrapping her head around this took a bit. But she\'s come around to it. Took her a few weeks, but yay!

2015.02.03 - 09:34PM
29: Chapter 29

Yeeees. I adore this chapter!! Perfect Jackie and Pete :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I was nervous how I wanted to handle this next step, so I tried to handle it as carefully as possible. No matter what, it\'s always going to be weird because they are and aren\'t different people. Just hard for anyone to wrap their head around that...except the Doctor, maybe. I am sure he\'s fine with it.

2015.01.28 - 03:11AM
28: Chapter 28

Wow ... no wonder this story rings so true *hugs* thank you for sharing such a personal response

Author's Response: LOL Thank you! Well, I think sometimes we all put personal stuff in there. And the relationship of mothers and daughters I get really well! :)

2015.01.27 - 03:39PM
28: Chapter 28

I loved the conversation between Pete and Rose where he explains Jackie's reaction ... I've never really thought about it from Jackie's perspective and you are so right that really would be one of her driving forces behind protecting Rose ... and the little bit about Jimmy, well I've never seen it written like that before and it just fits so much better with Rose's personality ... this really was a brilliantly insightful chapter :)

Author's Response: I was once a fifteen-year-old girl, (hard to believe now, but yeah, once upon a time), and I remember well what it was like. And the idea of Jimmy sort of fit. He was a boy who liked her, so you get that strong male figure Rose has been craving, along with the desire to be and do something bigger than just her Powell Estate roots. And so with that reasoning, I can see why Jimmy made since at fifteen. Of course, he turns out to be a pray, which many boys of that type at that age do. But it\'s a theme we see repeated in many ways with the Doctor, a strong male character who fills a longing in her life, coupled with the promise of adventure and something outside of what she\'s known. And of course Jackie would find that all threatening to her daughter, because in her experience men are all talk with no follow through, look at Pete. Jackie wants to protect her daughter from the bad things so she doesn\'t lose her like her husband, and Rose wants to break free and be something special and mean something. And that\'s a powerful conflict between a parent and child, especially mothers and daughters. I know my mother and I had very similar conflicts, though not quite the same, at that age, with a mother who feared doing anything big or ambitious because she was taught to always subsume those things to the needs of family, (my grandmother was a piece of work), and I was taught the opposite by my father and his mother, and was always yearning to do something big, just like Rose. Today, we laugh about it, but when I was twenty we had knock down, drag outs about it, and I had a hard time seeing her point of view. She learned to let go, I learned to listen, and while we still don\'t agree, we can appreciate each other now, and I can see Rose and Jackie doing that as well.

2015.01.27 - 03:23PM
28: Chapter 28

Fantastic update!! Love the relationship slowly building between Rose and Pete. As for Jackie... she'll get there I'm sure ;)

Author's Response: Very soon, in fact. But yeah, she will get there. This is hard on all of them. But they come around.