2015.04.09 - 03:04PM
1: Dream Previews

I loved so much your story!
Is so dificult to find a good story about Jenny, and I specially liked yours because Luke appears :)
I'll be waiting for the next chapter, can't wait!
(Sorry for my english, I'm from spain and I don't speak english very well)

2015.03.25 - 08:14AM
1: Dream Previews

Hi there! I just wanted to say I've loved reading your story up to now. Can't wait to read more!

One thing that I did wonder, in the chapter where they've followed the tunner to what looks like water but isn't - Jenny's reason for distrusting it is that 'there are no butterflies'. My question is, 1) why would she expect butterflies underground, and 2) why would she even expect butterflies on this particular planet? Might there not just be, you know, no butterflies here?

Author's Response: Ah, no, you misunderstood Jenny. She wasn\'t talking about *literal* butterflies; she\'s talking about the metaphorical butterflies she gets around water, mentioned in Chapter 10: \"Jenny was not a fan of water by any means ... anything bigger than a small pond gave her serious butterflies.\" I understand the confusion.

Author's Response: And thanks for reviewing!