2014.07.16 - 12:20AM
1: Chapter 1

I'd been working my way through all your tales, but sadly this is the last. Another perfect moment filling in the gaps with beautiful imaginings of what might have been. It's so funny how the show never once showed Rose's bedroom on the TARDIS, yet in my head I know it very well, just as I do the Library, the Media Room and the Galley, lol -- never shown, but fully realized in the land of fanfic ;). Thank you for this story, and I hope very much that you will write many more

Author's Response: Haha, I agree- the media room is CANON. I did see a tumblr post awhile back with classic who companion\'s rooms which was pretty exciting, but yeah, I love how we all imagine these things. Makes me almost want to write a fic where she doesn\'t have a bedroom. Might just have to make do with sharing, maybe... :-) Thanks so much for all your sweet reviews!

2014.04.24 - 02:52PM
1: Chapter 1

Very sweet :) Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you!

2014.04.24 - 02:51PM
1: Chapter 1

Cute! A very Doctor-ish thing to do, to want something (Rose to be with him) without directly telling/asking her. Good thing she knows him so well!

Author's Response: Thank you!!!