Reviews For Recovery

2016.11.21 - 06:51PM
6: No More Lies

I teared up when Pennine had to go.

Proud, indeed. :)

2016.11.21 - 06:14PM
1: Taking Arms

I love this. I have a thing for the Time Lords putting the Doctor on trial, and his mum and (I'm guessing) dad are going to rescue him? And it's Wilf? Bless you for writing this.

2014.11.21 - 07:54AM
13: Sharing the Burdens

Keep it up! Update soon!

2014.08.31 - 01:32PM
10: Fragile Questions

There is a lot for those two to work through, but at least the Doctor is doing better physically. Glad that he's got Wilf there with him.

2014.08.10 - 06:08PM
9: Black Pots and Kettles

I'm really enjoying this, and I look forward to how you'll play it out.

2014.07.25 - 03:57PM
8: Family Traits

I almost teared up reading this! I always thought that Wilf should have played a much bigger role in the show.

2014.07.13 - 07:49PM
1: Taking Arms

I like this offshoot from 8's adventures - and your version makes a lot of sense. nice work!

2014.07.12 - 06:50PM
7: Life's Not Fair

I;ve just caught up with this, I must say, I really enjoyed. I have played around with the idea of addressing the half human question. I love that you made Wilf his Dad

2014.07.12 - 04:46PM
1: Taking Arms

I'm really not a subscriber to any ideas that the Doctor is half human but if in your universe he is Wilf is probably the best man for the job.

2014.07.06 - 05:09AM
6: No More Lies

That would make Sylvia the Doctor's half sister! And Donna his niece:)! Puts all those 'we are so not married' comments in a new light. But then Caecilius believed they were brother and sister and even told them they look very much alike.

2014.06.14 - 07:03PM
5: Types of Pain

I really hope you get the next chapter up quickly. The Doctor and his Mum - I'm looking forward to this!

2014.05.31 - 01:42PM
4: Alone in the TARDIS

Oh, I like this story! Did Wilf know Doctor's mother before? That surely can be an interesting plot!

2014.04.19 - 02:21PM
1: Taking Arms

Oh, color me hooked. Cannot wait to see where you go with this.

2014.04.19 - 11:38AM
1: Taking Arms

O I think I am going to cry with this one.