Reviews For Immurement

2015.10.21 - 12:00AM
1: Immurement

Organizing emails and found this link to the first "favorite author" email I got after signing up. :) Somehow I didn't see the story then.

I'm crying. I want to quote so much, but this:
"Wilfred Mott is immured in the Doctor like a man in a wall, gifting him with a soul when he isnít certain he has one"
That is what we saw a hint of in The End of Time. Wow. Gorgeous and heartbreaking.

2014.12.02 - 10:42PM
1: Immurement

I wanted to come back and re-read this with Twelve in mind, now that we've seen him (I think it works better for Eleven, and even at that, more the Eleven I would have liked to see than the one we got). But none of that actually matters. What matters is that this is beautiful, and filled with the imagery you so excel at writing, and it is unfathomable to me that mine is the first review on it. I love that you wrote about Wilf, that you wrote a Doctor who (heh) didn't just move on and forget after fish fingers and custard.