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2014.10.06 - 03:32PM
2: Hide and Seek

Pregnancy test from the boys POV ... Absolutely brilliant ... They are all so terrified and helpless, I love it :D

Author's Response: :)

2014.10.06 - 06:35AM
2: Hide and Seek

Pregnancy test from the boys POV ... Absolutely brilliant ... They are all so terrified and helpless, I love it :D

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I had a lot of fun writing their freak out!

2014.05.01 - 09:53PM
2: Hide and Seek

Two babies? Too sweet! I can't wait to see how this plays out in your next story. Well done!

Author's Response: Thanks! I\'m glad ya like it! I have an idea of doing snippets of events prior to the delivery, but I\'m not sure. It will be a bit before this happens, but it will happen. Thanks! ☺

2014.04.29 - 11:36PM
2: Hide and Seek

(squeals) Both of them?!? :) Completely unexpected, and the men, well, besides being absolutely hopeless, were just adorable. Donna's nervousness and Rose's 'by the way' were wonderful, and I'm amazed by their ability to keep it secret as long as they did.

This story was delightful. Martha and Tony had me in stitches. I love this family you've created, and I'm so glad you've got more planned for them. You are fantastic, sweetie! (hugs) Thank you for sharing your heart with us!!!

Author's Response: (endless hugs) Thanks so much, Tink! These guys are my babies (LOL) I will definitely have their delivery, and I do have a lil twist for them. I haven\'t decided if I should toss in a tiny bit of angst or not... I\'m not sure. Thanks for all you do!!! ♥∞

2014.04.29 - 09:15PM
2: Hide and Seek

Loved this!! Those guys falling all over themselves, I can so see that in my mind. How fun that will be for Rose and Donna both pregnant at the same time!!
This series is so wonderful, I am glad you still have more planned for them.

Also, so glad you plan to focus on CR, I am really looking forward to reading that story!

When you said it will be all for you, you don't mean you are going to quit writing, do you??? Oh I hope not cos your stories are so great!!!

Author's Response: I do want to bring their story full circle. But they\'re my babies and I\'m not looking forward to letting them go. And CR is pushing to get out so now I can focus lol! And as far as the last bit...I have been toying with the idea of stopping. I have reasons that I\'m reluctant to say just because I don\'t want people thinking I\'m looking for praise or compliments. Basically my personality makes it difficult for me to write. But your words....thank you. I\'m humbled and greatly appreciative. (Hugs)

2014.04.29 - 07:44PM
1: Is That What I Think It Is?

I love this series and was so excited to see this update today! Nothing makes finals seem less awful more than a great update! Thanks! Also Jack and Donna in this update were adorbs!

Author's Response: I\'m so happy that you liked Donna and Jack. I didn\'t spend too much time with them together in the other stories, so I wanted to give them a bit of spotlight. Thanks so much for your kindness!!!

2014.04.29 - 06:15PM
2: Hide and Seek

I can't praise this story or you enough. SO amazing. I just love that Donna and Rose will be pregnant at the same time. Gah!! Precious. Thank you for this, my friend, you are so talented.

Author's Response: Oh I just love yas!!! (Hugs) your support always helps me feel better!!! And you\'re my eighth review and right is my FAVORITE number! I\'m quirky that way LOL. I\'m so happy you like it. One or two more in this series and then it\'s time to say goodbye. Thanks again sweets!

2014.03.01 - 01:15PM
1: Is That What I Think It Is?

Ahahaha!! I love this so much!! I was so excited when I saw you had posted this :) Cannot wait to read the next bit!!

Author's Response: Thanks Em!!!! I wanted to post the next chapter of CR before I finish this but I\'m not sure. I\'m thrilled you like it!!!!!!

2014.02.28 - 08:57PM
1: Is That What I Think It Is?

This is wonderful!! I loved seeing the three of them in the bathroom panicking! It's the start of a perfect comedy - I can't wait for more.

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Miss Miri! You\'re wonderful and it makes me happy you like it!!

2014.02.28 - 06:58PM
1: Is That What I Think It Is?

Omg .. this could only end well lol ^_^

Author's Response: Lol!!! Oh it\'s so gonna be fun writing this craziness!!! I needed to give myself a lil break from the angst I\'ve been writing. Thanks so much, girlie!!!!! :)

2014.02.28 - 05:51PM
1: Is That What I Think It Is?

Oh my goodness... so funny!!! I love it!!! Can't wait to read more! :-)

Author's Response: Thanks!!! I always worry about whether or not I can pull off humor. I\'m a lil quirky so.... Lol! Thanks so very much!!!

2014.02.28 - 04:50PM
1: Is That What I Think It Is?

Oh, this is going to be so entertaining. :D Just love that opening image! And the dynamic between the three was great - I especially love Jack as mediator, and the unified "shut it". (giggles) I've been watching for this for a couple days, and it made me grin. You are fantastic, chica!!

Author's Response: I just love yas, muņeca! You\'re awesome and have been one of the main people to have encouraged me to keep writing as long as I have. I\'m so glad it made ya giggle! I know it\'s silly but they deserve some silly!!! Hugs for ya!!!!!!

2014.02.28 - 09:38AM
1: Is That What I Think It Is?

Bwahahaha!! Hahaha!! Men! They come completely unglued over over the box! I hope it's Jack and Donna! -grin- I can't wait for the next part! I am so glad you finished this, it is a fabulous glimpse into one of my favorite AUs. Your so fab! -grin- Thanks!

Author's Response: K, you\'re more than fab! You\'ve been so kind and encouraging and it\'s helped me greatly! They do come a tad unglued, don\'t they? Haha. And c\'mon...them trying to discretely find the pregnancy test is bound to backfire! Next part has them looking but also the girls\' POV.

2014.02.28 - 08:28AM
1: Is That What I Think It Is?

Aww, I'm glad you're continuing their story just a bit longer. And I was giggling at this, it's so cute!

Author's Response: Thank you! I\'m glad that you giggled. I kinda giggled :) I want to give them cute happy times because I wrote enough angst for them, don\'t ya think? Thanks so much!