Reviews For Boxing Day

2012.10.03 - 02:58AM
4: A Bit Where Not Much Happens Except At The End

Isn't it just great that the Doctor has a space ship? That way, after dear Rose cries and re-applies (and uses up) all the mascara in this galaxy, our heroes can zip to another one to restock her supply.

2012.04.04 - 03:34AM
5: Another Bit

I don't know if you'll get to read this. And you can tell I've come rather late to the party. I loved you more with each chapter. Well, actually, I laughed and howled and snickered and screeched and guffawed. It's good I was alone when I read it. Especially because my cats bolted from the room about half way through chapter one. They usually tolerate my outbursts. The wine added to it all. Bravo! Brava! (Whichever applies.)

2010.07.24 - 01:30PM
1: The Bit After The Bit After This Bit

Utterly hilariousness, oh and can I please have some of whatever it was you were smoking when you wrote it?

2010.05.06 - 02:36PM
5: Another Bit

This whole thing was just so twisted and funny. "WTF?", indeed! :D

2007.11.19 - 01:17AM
5: Another Bit

You pick apart the tropes common to 10/Rose fanfic so beautifully I feel almost *guilty* for having liked some of the stuff I've read because you just lay out the obviously overused formulas and spelling errors and so on and so forth....

(The blonde/blond thing pisses me off, too. Also when people don't know to use breathe or breath. Drives me nuts.)

And the reference to the "The" shortening of Theta Sigma, and the fact that he signed his name as "?" for a while... and mocking the whole "half time lord" kiddie thing when in fact technically, yes, the Doctor is half-human already...?

And the jokes about intertextuality and post-structuralism... and the non-linear chapter ordering... that was just the icing on the cupcake. You really are... head and shoulders, you know?

2007.02.28 - 06:51PM
1: The Bit After The Bit After This Bit

Very funny! It's horrible (not in the sense of writing, but in the sense of what's happening-pretty much killing the characters likability factor one by one) but at the same time, hilariously funny. And adictive. I like adictive. Any chance of a sequel? Just out of curiousity though, did the Doctor go temporarily blind, by chance, after his regeneration? Because there's no way he'd sleep with Jackie unless he thought it was Rose. And he probably wouldn't sleep with her then either, because he's not like that. But I suppose none of this would ever happen because: a) the characters would never do any of those things, and b) it is a fictional TV show (Boo hoo for all of us who wish we were Rose's age and knew the Doctor). But I suppose the fact that it would never happen is what makes it so, any chance of a sequal? ;)

2006.10.25 - 01:31PM
1: The Bit After The Bit After This Bit

Hah! Parts of this sound like my dissertation prospectus. I'm very afraid. Beautiful work all around. I especially like the reference to the socialization of make-up checking.

2006.08.24 - 04:04AM
5: Another Bit

Hahah! Update soon!!

2006.06.11 - 09:15PM
1: The Bit After The Bit After This Bit

The most fascinatingly lunatic story I've read. "We're calling it The!" I love it.

2006.05.30 - 01:49PM
2: The Prequel To The First Bit

I thought he was just joking! But I have to admit, once you get used to the idea it is a bit funny.

2006.04.04 - 04:32AM
5: Another Bit

Your barmy - but dont change, whatever the men in white coats do to you.

2006.01.16 - 03:39PM
1: The Bit After The Bit After This Bit

Don't know whether to tell you not to trust that particular dealer again, or quit channeling Douglas Adams and let him go to his final reward.

Doesn't matter. It's *brilliant*, I love it, and I want to have your half-alien godlike children. We can name them The if you like. ;)

2006.01.07 - 03:54AM
5: Another Bit

Ok......Thisn is a really weird story! Very funny though! Poor Rose! Her mother shagged BOTH her boyfriends!

2006.01.03 - 12:33PM
5: Another Bit

It really has gone downhill hasn't it. I still love it though. It cheers me up no end = P

2006.01.03 - 12:32PM
5: Another Bit

It really has gone downhill hasn't it. I still love it though. It cheers me up no end = P