2013.01.13 - 05:37AM
1: The Only Chapter

I could have sworn I left a review on this ages ago. Kind of embarassing that I didn't, considering it let enough of an impression for me to rec it on my journal. So, redundant to add that I really liked this. It's poignant and chilling and really underlines how much of an impact the Doctor has on the universe.

2013.01.06 - 05:56PM
1: The Only Chapter

Incredible. This is so poignant. I love little glimpses of what could have been, and this reality is horrifying to imagine.

2008.09.22 - 09:58AM
1: The Only Chapter

OW. It physically hurts me to imagine the Doctor as a "normal" Time Lord.

I reiterate: OW.

2008.05.08 - 03:09PM
1: The Only Chapter

Oh, this is beautiful!

2006.07.04 - 11:22PM
1: The Only Chapter

Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart is satisfied that the perimeter is secure. At dawn, they will break camp and head north. Although he has listened for three hours each day, the radio has been silent for a week.The last intelligence he received said Liverpool was still in the game. He's doing the best he can, and it just isn't good enough.

That's my favorite bit. If the world were falling apart that's exactly where the Brigadier (or Colonel) would be. Doing what he can until he fell.

Over all, I though the idea was interesting and well executed. The vignettes from around the universe were an interesting and effective device. And it's a good topic for an AU.

There was one thing I didn't understand. Leela's whole society was basically created as a conseqence of the Doctor trying to fix the computer after the shipwreck. Hence Xoanon, the mad computer and Evil God. Furthermore they're humans of Earth descent. How did she wind up in such similar circumstances? If the Earth was destroyed after her ancestors had colonized space, would they still have basically the same society and the evil god? I don't see how it would work.

Otherwise, an excellent fic.

2006.01.13 - 10:45PM
1: The Only Chapter

That was really good. I liked the way you get the idea that, just because the Doctor never left, all this stuff never happened. You captured it really well.