Reviews For Chosen One

2007.12.20 - 11:46PM
1: Dr. Who / Buffy

Very funny! I'm seeing a Highlander sequel:
'There can be only one.'
'And why is that, Mr. McLeod?'

2007.03.18 - 04:51PM
1: Dr. Who / Buffy

Marvellous...Made even funnier by Tony Steward Head's appearance in Series two. :D

2006.08.14 - 09:49PM
1: Dr. Who / Buffy

Fantastic. I really did laugh out loud.

Sorry, but are you also Joseph Q Publique on Wikipedia? I've seen him/her lurking around the Doctor Who sections, so I was wondering.

2005.11.23 - 08:41PM
1: Dr. Who / Buffy

Years late, but this was just great, and I loved that it was Two. A perfect foil for Giles!

2004.06.21 - 12:06PM
1: Dr. Who / Buffy

Just picked up on this - short, to the point, and it's hilarious.

2003.10.04 - 03:46PM
1: Dr. Who / Buffy

Ahahahahaha...whee. :)

Carmen Sandiego
2003.10.04 - 11:12AM
1: Dr. Who / Buffy

Lol! Like this quite a lot.