2015.03.08 - 01:24PM
12: Gallifrey Stands

Oh nice way to fix the mess that was the 50th!

2015.01.15 - 09:45PM
12: Gallifrey Stands

Please continue writing!

2014.04.06 - 08:11PM
12: Gallifrey Stands

Good attempt at making some sense out of the mess we were given. Keep writing, you're doing good.

2014.04.06 - 04:32PM
4: House of Lungbarrow

Thought maybe she had to have slipped through time, if the Time Lords had not heard of The Doctor. Still fascinated with each other even if they don't know why.

2014.04.03 - 01:33AM
12: Gallifrey Stands

Really hoping for a sequel.
Loved this story; left me feeling bittersweet.

2014.03.30 - 10:23PM
12: Gallifrey Stands

Very nicely done.

2014.03.30 - 05:16PM
12: Gallifrey Stands

this is so MUCH MUCH better than what we got.

what's in London, 1894? they gonna run into Queen Vicky?

2014.03.30 - 04:44PM
12: Gallifrey Stands

I enjoyed that a lot! I had some serious issues with the 50th special - I'm glad that you dealt with a few of them.

Is there going to be a sequel?

2014.03.25 - 09:46PM
11: The Day of the Doctor

Nicely done.

2014.03.25 - 09:27PM
11: The Day of the Doctor

I love this!

The Doc's scared of explaining Elizabeth and River to Rose! XD

2014.03.13 - 09:25PM
10: England

magnificent. I hope you update soon :)

2014.03.13 - 09:00PM
10: England

Well done.

2014.03.07 - 02:02PM
9: Conscience of a Weapon

Loving this episode being re-told from a different viewpoint, well done

2014.02.25 - 12:19AM
7: Lady of Gallifrey

I normaly just read and don't Ieave reviews but this story.....I just love it and look it up everday to see if more chapters have been added. Keep it up, can't wait for more:)

2014.02.23 - 09:09AM
1: Prologue

I forgot to mention how I like that the master looks like Benedict cumberbatch hehe. Just with shorter hair

Author's Response: Ha, it\'s cool. Yeah, more like his character from Star Trek.