Reviews For Tower of Eternity

2015.01.13 - 07:03PM
27: Recall

And... done! Wow, what a ride. So many interesting things here. I enjoyed the desertion of the place, but more I liked the character development here.

Their relationship certainly shifted, it's always nice to see growth with my fav couple through stories.

I read you might have another sequel here, and I'd love to read that. I have some questions about what happened to the Doctor here and how it's gonna effect both him and his relationship with Rose.

All in all a great story beautifully told!

Author's Response: I\'m glad to hear my description was all right for you, but I agree the characters are far more interesting. ^_- Your words definitely encourage me about a sequel. I hoped to wrap up the story enough to hold itself but also leave questions open for future development. Thank you very much for your feedback!

2014.12.15 - 07:39PM
22: Beluslan

I'm so behind! Not really sure how that happened, but it seems I have loads more chapters to read now that I remember (and have reread) the last several chapters.

This was interesting, I like the Time Roter as part of the land. Onwards...

Author's Response: Sometimes it\'s nice to bank up some chapters. =P I hope you enjoyed the rest of the story!

2014.10.19 - 02:57PM
27: Recall

I was waiting until you'd finished writing to read this story as I have terrible anxiety with WIPs, but I was very excited to read a sequel to Effigermus! (which is still just so amazing btw, and holds up to the test of time on re-read!)

First of all, I loved the concept of the Doctor and Rose stepping on to a vast and richly detailed world like those we experience in RPGs and encountering it's unique natural elements and mythology! I've never played Aion, but other games like it, and that made me very intrigued. At times however, it did feel a bit like being dragged through each beginners quest in the starting area rather than learning about the world at a natural pace. I understand there's a lot of information to try to give, but there were a some details that must make sense to someone already familiar with the world of Aion that left me wondering if it was important to remember or not.

I loved the way they discovered their magic and the classes they chose. Rose is absolutely a healer, I thought that was a perfect match for who she is, and I completely agreed with the Doctor being a mage with control magic, doing his best to avoid the destruction end of the spell spectrum but being naturally gifted at it. And when they got their wings, it was even more exciting! The way they teased each other and played about and explored their new abilities was a lot of fun and very them. It was a lot of fun imagining all that! The part I loved the most though, after their incredible in-flight shag (hottest thing ever omg) was the way Rose healed his Time War wounds and created a memorial crystal in his mind to the lives that were lost when he saved the Universe. That was beautiful and I cried when I read that part.

The tie-in with the Time Lords was really interesting! I was fascinated about the little traces of Time Lord influence that kept popping up and I wish we could have learned more about Lady Siel, what she had done to protect that world, and why. The dismantled TARDIS was the most exciting discovery by far! I thought something more would come of it though.

I didn't really understand why Rose was so reluctant to leave that world though. They hadn't made any emotional connections with the people, or strong memories beyond a few amazing shags and some scary close calls. And the aether making the Doctor lust after random women made him, and me, very uncomfortable. And the fact that they were constantly at war made him very angry. It was a nice place to visit, but I just felt there wasn't enough tying them to that world that justified them wanting to never leave it. They met so many characters that some of the daevas felt like npc's rather than real people and I thought that was a bit of a missed opportunity to flesh out the world and give the Doctor and Rose, and us, more of a connection to it.

All in all, it was a pretty good adventure! I really did enjoy reading it and I really hope you'll continue writing about the Doctor and Rose someday! Also, good luck on your other creative projects!

Author's Response: I really appreciate your honest thoughts! I apologize that parts felt confusing, and I did realize early on that some description could be excessive, but it would have required editing what was already posted. It was important to me to explain anything that the Doctor and Rose wouldn\'t be familiar with, seeing the world through their eyes with no prior knowledge of the Aion world, so if I missed things, then that saddens me. =/ Your not understanding Rose\'s reluctance to leave has my interest. I suppose my thoughts on it were what I would be feeling if I was there and was given magical powers and the ability to fly, the latter of which I\'ve yearned for since childhood. The challenges to staying are clear, though, which is why the Doctor insisted they leave. There are certainly things left unexplained, many on purpose, and I could have taken things so many ways and engaged much more fully with various characters. It became clear to me early on just how much writing it would take just for the story I had in mind! I\'m certainly my own worst critic. I see your points, trust me, so thank you for confirming that I\'m not the only one to see them. It\'s presented challenges to me, and I\'ve learned a lot in writing it. Despite things, I\'m glad you enjoyed it!

2014.10.13 - 07:46PM
27: Recall

Great writing!! Well done :)

Author's Response: And thank you one last time. I\'ve appreciated your dedicated responses!

2014.10.06 - 07:53PM
26: Wrath

Well done!!

Author's Response: Thank you!

2014.09.28 - 04:39PM
25: Oncoming Storm

Really great update!!

Author's Response: Glad you approve!

2014.09.26 - 08:05AM
24: Lords and Balaur

I'm usually a FanFiction user, but when I saw the full version was on this site, I switched over for Effigermus and the sequel.
I cannot get over how incredible of a writer you are! This story is so well written. You are so good at what you do. Grammatically and structurally it is amazing, but more than that, these stories just pull you in and keep you reading. You have so much talent!
I binge-read these stories in a matter of two days (which is a pretty amazing feat with being a full-time student and having a 9 month old crawling around and keep me occupied). I cannot wait to read more.
Excellent job! Thanks for writing, it has been a pleasure to read!

Author's Response: Yes, I primarily use that site as well for the notification system. Thank you very much for your encouragment! Grammar has always been important to me while reading, and I put a lot of effort into writing something I myself would like to read. It has been a pleasure sharing with you!

2014.09.21 - 09:37PM
24: Lords and Balaur

Well done :)

Author's Response: Thanks. =)

2014.09.12 - 12:52PM
23: Secret Library

Great update!!

Author's Response: Thank you as always. =)

2014.08.22 - 10:26PM
22: Beluslan

Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you.

2014.07.26 - 06:52AM
21: Asmodian

Great chapter! Worth the wait!
Urrggh, I'm getting a strong sense of "not going to end well" about the Doctor's plan.

Author's Response: Happy to hear you\'re hanging with it, thanks for keeping touch!

2014.07.23 - 03:32PM
21: Asmodian

Great to see another chapter up! But why do I feel as if this little side trip of the Doctor's isn't going to end well?

Author's Response: Thanks for the note! More into the mystery soon...

2014.07.23 - 03:05PM
21: Asmodian

Glad to see you back :) Well done!!

Author's Response: Thank you, glad you\'re still enjoying the story. =)

2014.07.06 - 07:19PM
20: Reshanta

I still have no real idea about the world, but am enjoying the Rose and Doctor interactions and the quest.

Author's Response: Their interaction is what matters to me in the end. The environment they\'re currently in was never meant to be overwhelming or distracting.

2014.06.28 - 02:57PM
20: Reshanta

Well done!!

Author's Response: I appreciate your dedicated responses!