2014.02.21 - 08:34AM
1: Highlight of the Week

Oh, I love this! Excellent explanation for Five's hair. It's a terrible shame we never really got to see anyone properly flirt with Five in the televised adventures, he's adorable and is so much fun when he's flustered.

Author's Response: My thoughts exactly! Flustered Five is just the best thing ever (I\'d totally give him my number, cough) Thanks for reviewing! ;)

2014.01.03 - 07:16PM
1: Highlight of the Week

This is a wonderful little fluffy piece. Very fun, and I'm just grinning right now.

Author's Response: Anything I can do to ruin Five\'s day ;) Thank you for your review!

2014.01.03 - 03:31PM
1: Highlight of the Week

Oh, this is adorable!

Author's Response: Why, thank you! :)