Reviews For Jungle Adventures

2014.01.04 - 12:46PM
5: Chapter 5

Oh, this is going to hurt.

Author's Response: Yup, it\'s going to hurt a lot.

2014.01.04 - 12:46PM
5: Chapter 5

Oh my... the Time Lord equivalent of "blue balls" it seems. ;-) Doesn't sound like fun at all.

Author's Response: I don\'t think it is going to be much fun for him or for Donna and Martha.

2014.01.03 - 12:28PM
4: Chapter 4

Ahem... this "gland" wouldn't happen to be the Time Lord equivalent of the human seminal vesicle or prostate, would it? ;-)

Author's Response: Weeelll, it is a shag or die fic, so close, but not entirely it\'s a reservoir for the toxin, but where does it go after that?

2014.01.03 - 11:37AM
3: Martha to the Rescue

I have been most fortunate never to have broken a bone in 55 years. From what Donna is going through, I don't think I'd like it all that much. It seems Donna took Martha's treatment much better than she could have, but perhaps her worrying over the Doctor's state would subdue her a bit.

Author's Response: It\'s not much fun. I think Donna\'s probably in a bit of shock and she\'s not only worried about her Spaceman but also very much aware that he took the spines on her behalf.

2014.01.03 - 07:55AM
2: Poisoned

Oh my, what a mess these two are. The spine weasel spines sound very much like the stinging capsules from a jellyfish. Very, very nasty.

Author's Response: Yeah, I guess they are a bit like a jelly fish or a hive of bees maybe. Not nice at all, but at least Donna only has to deal with one of them.

2014.01.03 - 07:36AM
1: Spine Weasels

Oh, this is going to be sooo good! Donna and the Doctor sound incredibly in character. I could hear Donna chortling about meeting Dr. Livingstone with tea and biscuits. :-)

Author's Response: Hope that you enjoy the rest.

2014.01.02 - 03:34PM
4: Chapter 4

Oooops! Silly Doctor! :)

Author's Response: Yeah, though he didn\'t really do anything wrong did he? It wasn\'t as if he disobeyed and went running round.

2014.01.01 - 10:47PM
3: Martha to the Rescue

Owie! Poor Donna. Now it's time for the Doctor to wake up.

Author's Response: Won\'t be long for the Doctor

2014.01.01 - 08:18PM
3: Martha to the Rescue

Honestly, Donna and the Doctor should travel with a Med Bot.

Author's Response: Yeah, they should, but they\'ve got Martha on hand and I\'m sure that is more amiable than a robot.

Author's Response: Although the Doctor out of Voyager might be an interesting clash.

2014.01.01 - 06:38PM
1: Spine Weasels

It never fails!

Author's Response: No, he always manages to get into some kind of trouble doesn\'t he?

2013.12.31 - 06:18PM
2: Poisoned

No fair leaving it there. More please.

Author's Response: Sorry, chapter a day for a week will do this one through - an eight day week that is. I think we should have one of them.

2013.12.31 - 01:32AM
1: Spine Weasels

I knew he was getting hit with the spines. *rolls eyes* Now what?

Author's Response: It was pretty much an inevitability wasn\'t it?