Reviews For Jungle Adventures

2020.03.07 - 11:20AM
8: Chapter 8

Beautiful. Martha is a gift and the loving and reverent sex at the end was a glorious contrast to the painful medical procedure. Very clever approach to shag or die, too.

And the cherishing each other on the beach was just lovely. ♡

Author's Response: Glad that you enjoyed, K

2014.01.19 - 11:36PM
2: Poisoned

So much for that respiratory bypass system, spine weasel venom must be very toxic. I'm pretty convinced I might have nightmares about those things now. D:

Author's Response: Lol, you\'d not believe how much I\'ve thought about the respiratory bypass system. The way I\'ve figured it, it only works for toxins that are inhaled or aspects that affect the breathing (respiration), rather than it being a bypass of basic cellular respiration or that would cause a serious depletion in energy very rapidly if cells were not burning glucose at all and would actually increase the need for oxygen in the cells rather than permit there to be a loss of it - assuming that a Time Lord gains energy through the same route as a human with the respiration of glucose and the generation of ATP. So, that would mean that as the toxin is introduced into his blood stream through the spines rather than it being gaseous and breathed in it actually bypasses the bypass and renders that particular protection obsolete.

I kind of see spine weasels are actually quite cute to begin with like hedgehogs.

2014.01.10 - 02:11PM
8: Chapter 8

An interesting twist on the shag-or-die trope, and a very well done one at that, plus red hot smut a happy ending too, so yep, works for me :)

Author's Response: Glad that you enjoyed, thank you for taking the time to read and review.

2014.01.08 - 05:03PM
8: Chapter 8

Hi! I finally registered on here so I can review and get alerts, cause checking for updates manually was getting tedious... ;) This was great, both for your scientific style of whump and for Donna, whom I love. I wouldn't say I ship her with the Doctor, but I love them both and fics that ship them, however rare they are, always turn out good, so I have nothing against it either in the occasional fic.
But - sorry about nagging, seriously, tell me if I'm annoying you - you forgot to add this fic to your 'Call Martha' series...

Author's Response: I\'m not really used to using series before so the reminders are cool. I always intend to add them but until the first chapter is validated you can\'t link them in. Also toying with the idea of doing a Great Mambosa series - a kind of chronology of the Doctor and Donna\'s attempts to find the lost scrolls. Glad that you enjoyed the story.

2014.01.07 - 10:32PM
8: Chapter 8

I'm loving all the Donna&Doctor fics coming from you lately! Especially this one, which was so much fun to read. I'm hoping this trend means you're being drawn to more Doctor/Donna writing! (P.S. I hope you post this on, where more Donna fans can find it.)

Author's Response: Lol, fallen out with Code 9 so playing with other things, glad that you\'re enjoying them. I\'ve never put up the first fic I wrote which is a Ten and Rose one, thinking about rewriting that with Donna rather than Rose and then putting it up. I\'m not sure at the moment, also thinking that the search for the Great Mambosa\'s treasure could become a serial - surely there are plenty of mishaps that could be had in the jungle?

I\'m not sure how stands with the \'sex\' side of things. I guess I can put it up and then if they take it down I can sensor the sex. We\'ll see. Thanks for your review and glad that you\'ve enjoyed.

2014.01.07 - 05:27AM
8: Chapter 8

Wow... that was both hot and romantic!! Loved it. :-)

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed.

2014.01.06 - 05:07PM
8: Chapter 8

He grew a pair and so did Donna!

Author's Response: Yeah, they both got it together and accepted that perhaps they did want to mate after all.

2014.01.06 - 04:02PM
8: Chapter 8

Sexy and cute at the same time! :) I do admit I thought he was going to fall out of the tree. :)

Author's Response: Next time! Lol

2014.01.06 - 01:28AM
7: Chapter 7

So he likes Donna a bit more than just a mate? Hmmm.... :)

Author's Response: Seems like he does, question is whether she\'s going to chase him round the beach slapping him with a bit of wet seaweed! I do think that would be funny!

2014.01.06 - 12:58AM
7: Chapter 7

Ten and Donna were a good couple, Martha gave him good advice.

Author's Response: Yeah, she can see what the other two can\'t and they are pretty good together, though don\'t normally ship Ten/Donna it seemed to fall into place and it\'s not beyond the realms of possibility.

2014.01.06 - 12:52AM
6: Chapter 6


Author's Response: I don\'t think he\'s a very happy Time Lord.

2014.01.05 - 06:05PM
7: Chapter 7

That sneaky little alien ;)

Author's Response: He\'s a bit sneaky.

2014.01.05 - 05:43PM
6: Chapter 6

I'm betting on Romana or Sarah Jane

Author's Response: Maybe even closer to home than that.

2014.01.04 - 04:36PM
6: Chapter 6

It's a true tribute to the friendship between Donna and the Doctor that she can make him laugh even while in extreme discomfort and mortification.

Author's Response: Yeah, I think it would be a lot harder if Donna wasn\'t there with him and he was just dealing with Martha especially with the history between Martha and the Doctor.

2014.01.04 - 01:00PM
6: Chapter 6

Ouch, that was painful. I wonder if the person he was thinking about was the Master.

Author's Response: I am fairly sure that the person he was thinking about was closer to home than the Master.