Reviews For Broken Reality

2014.07.01 - 10:21AM
25: Chapter 25

No, it was the right thing and no doubt that's what the Doctor was trying to do anyway...lovely story.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I had such a hard time with the ending, but it was the right thing to do. I feel so emotional right now. As stupid as it sounds, it\'s so hard for me to let go. You don\'t know how much it means to me to know that you enjoyed my story. Thank you. :)

2014.06.30 - 12:22PM
25: Chapter 25

After such long time he finally found peace. I have to say you made me cry but I like it

Author's Response: It was so hard to write. I really didn\'t want to kill off the Doctor but I knew it was the only way for it to end. As hard as it got with everything he\'d been through in the past few years at least he\'s not suffering anymore. I think the Doctor had gone through more than enough. Sorry to make you cry. I got really emotional too. Thank you for reading my story.

2014.06.28 - 07:23AM
24: Chapter 24

my phone is killing me . That was terrible review with so many mistakes :) sorry

Author's Response: Oh I know. Phones can be incredibly hard to type on. Don\'t worry about it. :)

2014.06.28 - 06:46AM
24: Chapter 24

Oh, he is so broken....I'm wondering if he can ever be put back together.

Author's Response: I think the Doctor is more broken than he\'s ever been. His illness is much worse and the alter has been nearly unstoppable. For the Doctor, everything he\'s suffered through in the past three and a half years has finally taken it\'s toll on him. I guess right now it just became too much.

2014.06.28 - 02:37AM
24: Chapter 24

this chapter gave me chills. I love the last part your way of describing how he is actually it even made shed a tear. And now the alter will be free to come back and what next, regeneration?

Author's Response: Wow. Thanks! I\'m glad you enjoyed the chapter. I don\'t want to give away the ending but I hope you\'ll like it.

2014.06.23 - 07:41AM
23: Chapter 23

I knew it....this time he may have done, and he certainly won't regenerate...unless the alter forces him .

Author's Response: Well... you\'ll have to wait and see what happens. I don\'t want to give the surprise away.

2014.06.23 - 03:38AM
23: Chapter 23

Wow that was a drastic measure but non the less the only way I could see it ending. There still is one more chapter if I remember correct

Author's Response: Well there\'s actually a couple of chapters left. I\'m not quite done yet.

2014.06.08 - 07:14AM
22: Chapter 22

This is getting desperate now....something major is going to have to love this story, you are brilliant.

Author's Response: Wow! I\'ve never been called brilliant before. Thanks! I\'m beaming with joy! :) Yes, things are getting very desperate and something major is going to happen that is going to change absolutely everything. There is no turning back now.

2014.06.07 - 02:14AM
22: Chapter 22

Wow I love they way you write his inner struggle. But as you said the doctor is losing what will happen then

Author's Response: Thanks! The Doctor\'s fighting as hard as he can but it\'s still not enough. The alter is too strong. Something is going to change. You\'ll have to wait and see what happens.

2014.05.31 - 07:30AM
21: Chapter 21

i think I'll agree with denstort on this :) or maybe regeneration will help?

Author's Response: Thank you! As much as I would love to give you a hint about what\'s going to happen I can\'t. Especially when it\'s so close to the end of the story. I\'ll try to get another chapter up next week. :)

2014.05.31 - 07:12AM
21: Chapter 21

I love the way you write...the emotional and physical pain...the guilt, on both sides. I''m pretty certain that the Doctor will finally succeed in killing himself; either that or the alter will drive him to it, by making him do something so awful, and not necerssarily to Jack, but to the ones that Jack cares for.

Author's Response: Wow. I\'m shocked... You don\'t know how much it means to me to know that you love my writing because I love your writing! Thank you so much! There\'s only two chapters left and I\'m building up to something big. That\'s all I can say right now. You\'ll have to wait and see.

2014.05.28 - 09:22AM
20: Chapter 20

I think me and Denstort are not that easy to scare I for one I love it :) your version of fic is one way the doctor could breack and Denstorts fic is another

Author's Response: I\'m so glad you love it. I was worried that maybe I pushed it a bit too far, which is why I edited it before I posted it. I wanted to make it real, if you know what I mean. I didn\'t want to shy away from the emotions and turmoil that the Doctor is facing. I feel so much better knowing that you like it.

2014.05.27 - 07:09AM
20: Chapter 20

Dear god....Jack must realise by now that the alter is still tormenting him.

Author's Response: Yeah. That was definitely drastic. It was a very hard chapter to write. The Doctor\'s been pushed past his limit. And now Jack\'s left to pick up the pieces.

2014.05.27 - 02:14AM
20: Chapter 20

Wow that was a pretty drastic chapter but I still like it :) when or better said how will his torment stop :)

Author's Response: Don\'t worry. That\'s probably the most intense chapter I\'ve ever written. There\'s only three more chapters left until the end. I was scared to check my reviews, actually. I\'m glad you still like it. I was a bit worried.

2014.05.19 - 10:10AM
19: Chapter 19

"I think I am going to kill you" that's how that line was going to end wasn't it :) also is so strange to see a person suffering from that split personality they have conversation and if they disagree they become violent and bruises appear on them because their brain really believs they were hit . I am never doing my summer practice in an asylum

Author's Response: Well, the Doctor did actually hurt himself but in his mind he thought the alter did it. Normally, I don\'t think he\'d be able to carry on a conversation with his alternate personality because he wouldn\'t be aware of him, just of the blackouts and the missing time, waking up wearing different clothing etc., but I thought the hallucinations where he can actually talk with his alter is more interesting, even though, I suppose on some level he\'s not truly talking to him because he\'s not really there. He\'s having a conversation with himself, his broken mind. It is a little confusing, but I just wanted to show how realistic the Doctor\'s hallucinations feel to himself and just how bad he really is getting. As for the last line... I\'d like to think it could have ended a few different ways. I purposely left it cut off like that and you\'ll find out why in the next chapter.