2015.12.27 - 09:28AM
2: Realization

I just stumbled onto this gem, and i've been around the block a few times - but this... this is GOLD! I've read a lot of different story plots unfold, and this is just so original. Like a previous reviewer said, this is a story I didn't know I wanted! I do hope you continue this! This has so much potential - and with just two chapters - I can already tell that this will be one of the best fics i've read in a while! please please update!

2015.05.26 - 04:36AM
1: Recognition

Ow, the story is heading towards an interesting direction. Will we see the rest of it? It would be a pity if it was left unfinished:)

Author's Response: I am still working on it - this chapter is just not wanting to cooperate. I have not given up.

2014.05.24 - 07:01PM
2: Realization

I love this, this its the story I never knew I wanted. LOL at how canonish Eleven its so distrated by Rose he has not figured out anything besides her realness. My only nitpick its the Eleven x River, I can not stand that ship. I really hope you will continue the story.

Author's Response: Oh, don't worry, I will continue the story. The next chapter is just very involved and it's driving me a little nuts while I work on writing it into submission. Glad you're enjoying it so far!

2014.01.04 - 11:53PM
2: Realization

Oh I love it! There is still a happy world out there where Rose didn't get shipped off to live with second best!

Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Glad you\'re looking forward to the rest of the story. I\'ll keep working at it.

2013.12.22 - 10:14PM
1: Recognition

Huh, as I sit here wondering what could possibly be going on. Please fill us in soon.

Author's Response: Working on it, the real explanation comes in chapter 3.

2013.12.18 - 10:03PM
1: Recognition

Don't know why no one has reviewed yet... This is so interesting already! Keep going!

Author's Response: I hope the keeps your interest!