2015.04.05 - 08:53AM
1: The Dawn of the Doctor

I love this! You put the continuity back into NewWho, made the 50th anniv. show make sense within RTD's canon. And you did it in a way the Doctor himself would (ah, poor Jamie and Zoe and Donna).

"This is what it was all about" - Tantalizingly ambiguous and pregnant with knowledge. It all has to happen because it happened and will have happened, the cause and the result, his heart-breaking ignorance the ouroboros. I want to think that something of the Bad Wolf is with him, comforting him the only way she can. But, standing on the roof of the building that should be empty, the Time Lord he is in his conscious mind looks down at some of what his (remembered) actions saved and amends: "I killed them both to save the rest of the universe. Keep telling myself thatů I had no choice".

There's now a stronger flavour of tragic and heroic self-sacrifice to CE's brilliant and broken Doctor, a logic to the schizophrenic emotions of DT's manic Doctor, and Rose Tyler in the basement to take his hand and start MS's Doctor's journey to rescue Gallifrey and heal his soul.

Author's Response: Thank you! I really felt that the lack of the Ninth Doctor in the 50th, though due to understandable reasons, left a big hole in the story. It needed to be tied back to the beginning of \"Rose\" to truly make the Doctor\'s journey complete, and thus I wrote this not too long after the episode aired for the first time. I wanted very much for the grieving, regretful Doctor to be given some hope from his future - the cyclical nature of time, the ouroboros as you said, is one of the most fascinating things about the show to me

2013.12.07 - 11:09PM
1: The Dawn of the Doctor

I haven't seen anybody do a post-50th piece with Nine, so thank you very much. I really feel for him, now more than ever before after the special. I think you captured him quite well and it's so sad that he had to forget.

Author's Response: Thank you very much for your review! I always felt that Nine must have had a tough time between regenerating and meeting Rose. I\'m happy you were able to get that from my story!