2015.12.23 - 09:59PM
1: Chapter 1

I thought it impossible, but you've made me like and understand Reinette. It's nice to see things from her point of view, and to have a look into her mind, and it's refreshing to see a portrayal of her where she isn't the "villain" of a Rose/Doctor romance. Instead you made me see the girl behind the mask - the title. Thanks for posting!

And just throwing it out there, but I think you were right the first time, the title looks cooler in French~

Author's Response: Thank you! This was actually the first story I've ever written, and I wanted to see how Reinette viewed the Doctor and was affected by meeting him. I mixed in a bit of the real Jeanne Poisson, after I read about her - her intelligence, her ambitions, and some of her history - because she was fascinating.