2016.02.20 - 04:34PM
6: Chapter 6

You've taken a ridiculous plot and made
it canon-levels of perfection, so bravo! this was hilarious and sweet and hot. love this!

2015.12.03 - 09:35AM
1: Chapter 1

Funny and sweet and, as usual, brilliant story from what of the best fic writers out there. I'm not usually drawn to Pete's World fics, and tire of the common "will they or won't they but obviously they will" angst of Rose and Tentoo stories. All of those prejudices were quickly pushed aside here. And just as I was starting to question the point of the setting, the story blossomed in the perfect Doctor Who way. Bravo.

2014.12.10 - 09:12PM
6: Chapter 6

*Agreed.” His pained face shifts into something softer. “You thought all that and you still agreed to come here with me.”*

*“Course I did.” Rose folds her arms and looks away. “Told you I’d never leave you, didn’t I?”*

This has got to be one of the sweetest Pete's World stories I've ever read. I love (seriously, LOVE) everything about the last chapter. The realization on both their parts when not everything is as it seems to the other... gorgeous and brilliant, as always.

2014.10.14 - 03:08AM
6: Chapter 6

"Behind him, a cow walks past with a pair of aliens in Stetsons and neckerchiefs on its back."... Didn't see that coming, just as my monitor didn't see that spray of iced tea coming :-P. Hilarious imagery, and a great (as well as totally Doctor-ish) story -- thank you!

2014.02.26 - 01:13AM
6: Chapter 6

This is one of the most hilarious fics I've read in a while. The absurdity of the doctor being on a farm is hilarious and yet I can totally imagine it! Fav!

2014.02.19 - 11:26AM
6: Chapter 6

brilliant fic love, excellent premise and perfectly executed :)
and it's great to see you posting fic again too, so a double treat

2014.01.30 - 10:29PM
6: Chapter 6

Brilliant twist there. Absolutely brilliant.

2014.01.24 - 08:43PM
6: Chapter 6

Fantastic. And we finally get an explanation, and ohmygosh, I died. :) I just adored everything about this story. Thank you!!

2014.01.22 - 08:31PM
6: Chapter 6


2014.01.22 - 09:15AM
6: Chapter 6

This story is like a brilliant meal - all different flavors and colors and textures! Just delicious!!! Great job!!

2014.01.21 - 08:33PM
6: Chapter 6

Just read through the whole story and what a hoot. I actually cried in the last chapter I was laughing so hard. What a brilliant piece of fic. Well done. :)

2014.01.21 - 06:40PM
6: Chapter 6

I read "crop circles" and hollered, "Yes!" Laugh out loud funny, paced perfectly for a short story, and again, the relationship is just so believable while being completely unique. Props for that, not easy to pull off! Can't wait to see them rocket away in the Tardis again. Missed your posts. Please, don't do anything but write from now on, ok?

2014.01.21 - 10:52AM
6: Chapter 6

This fix is absolutely brilliant. :) I kept thinking at the beginning, "Really? Farming? Well, the Doctor IS pretty well-rounded, so I'd like to check this out. Besides, perhaps he really thinks he has to go all-out domestic for Rose." And with each chapter I was hooked even more. And the ending! YES! I LOVED that! I was not expecting that twist and it is totally THEM! Awesomeness at it's very best! Thanks for the fun!

2014.01.21 - 04:26AM
6: Chapter 6

Fics like this one, with such an enjoyable tone and great atmosphere, where it doesn't really matter what it's about, because I love hanging out in it either way, so to speak, are truly the best. If that makes sense? But I've noticed that with your work. I'm extremely narrow-tasted, but with you I read even stuff that don't interest me usually—and love it! You make even farming interesting to read about! :D Great job! Loved this fic.

2014.01.21 - 03:05AM
6: Chapter 6

A very fun story...loved the 'evil cows'! Great idea...I chuckled out loud more than a few times! Thanks for sharing this!