2023.03.15 - 06:43PM
21: Chapter 20

A version of the underground railroad was a nice surprise...loved the pink Dalek as well as the other various thoughts that went through his head.

Author's Response: That idea practically write itself. I have to admit that I kind of wrote myself into a corner and needed to figure a way it that made some kind of sense in the universe that I had built. It occurred to me that obviously not everyone liked the world they lived in, especially those who didn't have the influence that the upper class Time Lords had. Thus Hanchei and Boss. 😊

Author's Response: Ugh! Ignore my poor grammar and spelling. Swipe texting while you are in a hurry isn't conducive to good grammar.

2023.03.15 - 06:27PM
20: Chapter 19

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Author's Response: Wow! 5 reviews in one day! I must be doing something good. I'm so glad that you're back! Readers and reviewers like you make it all with it. I am having a lot of fun with building up the new Jack into a person very similar to our Captain Jack but different enough to make him his own character.

2023.03.15 - 03:26PM
18: Chapter 17

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Author's Response: As the Doctor would say, "Oh, yes!" I figure by this time, with all I put them through, it was a fitting line for Alex to say. Now the question is, is Rega with it too?

2023.03.15 - 03:08PM
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2023.03.15 - 02:45PM
17: Chapter 16

Thanks for updating this captivating story. Oh you were not wrong to give that warning...that toture was beyond OK. I am anxious to see Rose's reaction to “The Oncoming Storm. But a Tempest will arise and frighten the Wolf.”

Author's Response: Yeah, that torture no doubt would have an effect on anyone. But what kind of effect will it have on the Doctor?

2018.11.07 - 08:13PM
16: Chapter 15

I really hope that he can influence Jakobb because torture and healing will only last so long until sanity ceases...is there any help out there, or is he truly on his own...very distressing update...thank you for posting.

2018.06.01 - 09:42PM
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Author's Response: Thanks! It's good to know that my stories are appreciated.

2018.06.01 - 01:14PM
14: Chapter 13

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Author's Response: Well, the series pretty much established that the metacrisis has only one life so no regeneration. That doesn't mean that something can't happen where he'd have to had reconstructive surgery. Not that I'm saying that's what's going to happen. Just saying that's the only way his face would change. As for personality... well... he already isn't the same person he was when Rose first met him.

2018.06.01 - 12:26PM
13: Chapter 12

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Author's Response: Actually, it's a bit of deja vu for me to write out the story and then type it when I have a chance at home. I didn't have my own computer growing up so I would have to use my dad's computer when it was available. So writing my stories by hand first was pretty common for me. I still have my first Quantum Leap fanfictions (handwritten) somewhere. I also did a couple of Sherlock Holmes fanfictions but they were so bad, in my opinion, that I threw them out and erased them from my hard drives. I still have the artwork that I did for them though. I'm not a great artist but I liked them enough to keep them. As for Jakobb... you'll just to wait and see.

2018.06.01 - 12:07PM
12: Chapter 11

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2018.02.11 - 08:36PM
12: Chapter 11

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I wish you luck in your job hunt and home renovations. Any time you can send us your wonderful words, it will be greatly appreciated, don't feel pressured, this fab story is worth waiting for.

2017.09.27 - 01:19PM
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2017.07.13 - 09:38PM
9: Chapter 8

"We all have done and said things we regret. Weve all been hurt by someone or something in the past. How we handle that reflects who we are.
I absolutely love this!!! So true for all of us.
Thanks for the names of the seasons, that is way interesting.
Rose is just too quick to say she and Alex "aren't like that." I hope with all my heart that will eventually change. I'm a great lover of the romance between the Doctor and his Rose. ❤️

Ive missed you, sorry RL has been a challenge lately. You should have been able to hear my "Yay!!!!!!" when I saw this update. Good luck with your new job!!

Author's Response: Aww! Thanks! I'm really looking forward to the new job. Something I've never done before but I think I'm going to like it. If not, at least it's money in the pocket until I find a replacement. Concerning the seasons, I just thought that, since Time Lords are so focused on time, they would be a little more precise in how they judge the passage of the seasons. As for Rose and Alex, of course they're a couple. They're most certainly dating. But as described in Book 1, Alex isn't willing to go quite that far unless they're married, mostly for ethical and biological reasons. He just loves her too much to go there unless he can fully commit to their relationship. I think it's very romantic to wait until the wedding night. It show deep respect and love.