2014.08.10 - 09:37PM
21: Chapter 19

I just found this gem and am pretty doubtful you will even see this review, but I absolutely love this story. I,love the way you write Rose and Will. What a perfectly sweet story. I will look for more of your stories.

Author's Response: Thank you. I enjoyed writing it.

2014.08.08 - 12:21AM
1: Chapter 1

Just read this all the way through and it's wonderful! I definitely wasn't expecting the reveal about Dora :)

Author's Response: I\'m really glad you enjoyed it.

2013.12.15 - 07:46PM
21: Chapter 19

Thank you!

2013.12.15 - 12:06AM
20: Chapter 18

Oh that's genius! A TARDIS disguised as a dachshund. I have to say, I did *not* see that one coming. Good show!

Author's Response: Hope it wasn\'t too out there. I liked how the TARDIS kept evolving as a character with each season. Of course I loved the idea of Dora/ coral thumbing her nose at the Torchwood vault and causing all sorts of trouble.

2013.12.09 - 09:31PM
18: Chapter 16

The 1970s had called, they wanted their peeling gold-veined wallpaper back and Rose would gladly oblige. that line about made me die. Absolutely hilarious!

OMG, the TARDIS coral is missing and Rose is on... the TARDIS? Update soon, you've got me on tenterhooks here!

2013.12.08 - 11:48PM
8: Chapter 7.5

BTW, drop me a line if you decide you need a beta. I can definitely fit you in, if my services are so required.

2013.12.08 - 11:33PM
17: Chapter 15

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2013.12.08 - 11:06PM
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I am really enjoying this. Thank you for sharing it!

Author's Response: thank you, I\'m enjoying the writing.

2013.12.08 - 03:05PM
16: Chapter 14

Oh my... I'm gonna have to go jump in a snowbank now to cool off.

2013.12.08 - 02:57PM
13: Chapter 11.5. Oops I did it again

Ta, there's a bit less confusion on my end now. You have no idea the mental gymnastics I've done trying to figure out what that message was. Or how many times I've read chapters 10 and 11, thinking I was a bit daft and had missed a section.

2013.12.07 - 06:18PM
14: Chapter 12

Are you sure there's not a missing chapter? It really seems to jump here and then there are references in this chapter and the next to a message that the reader doesn't know about. I'm cool with vague references, but it seems a bit abrupt.

Liking this story too much to miss any of it. ;)

Author's Response: You are correct. My brain slipped and I forgot to add a chapter. Look for chapter 7.5 and it shows how Rose comes to St. Edmunds. Thansk so much for the review. I\'m glad you\'re enjoying it. I\'ve had fun writing it!

2013.12.05 - 11:13PM
14: Chapter 12

What happened to chapter 12?

Author's Response: Mislabeling. I love being able to share stories over the internet, but I sort of miss having a pile of paper next to me. The editing is much easier that way! I will fix. Thanks for letting me know.

2013.12.05 - 05:20AM
12: Chapter 11

I know Spinoza but not Espinosa (except as a dance teacher). Is that AU change or just a mistake? Agree that Kierkegaard is a ruddy bore. Studied K&S when I was at Uni and they were, without a shadow of a doubt, the two biggest butt-aches of my university years. Enjoying this story. Keep it up!

Author's Response: I can\'t believe I did that. No AU, just poor memory. I really did have to take a class on Spinoza at one point, I thought the experience had burned itself into my brain-guess not. I\'m glad you\'re enjoying the story.

2013.11.30 - 10:04PM
7: Chapter 7

Being a crazy cat lady isn't so bad, you know. You just got to find a partner that's also crazy about cats and likes Who.

Thank God for Jake, talking to Rose. Looks like she's coming around. Hopefully the numpty in Scotland has, too.

2013.11.30 - 01:21PM
6: Chapter 6

Intriguing story. Wish the chapters were a bit longer, but I like it so far, and like that you've written 10.5 and Rose's relationship as something more complicated than happily ever after. The characterisation is really good, I'm looking forward to more.

Author's Response: I know they are a bit short. My background is scientific writing, not a lot of dialogue. As my grammar confidence builds, I think my chapters will gain length. Thanks for bearing with me!