2013.12.14 - 03:18AM
5: Chapter 5: Coward, Any Day

Man, you are an artist with the angst. Brilliantly written.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I\'m very happy that you\'ve stuck around for the ride, and that you like it this much.

2013.12.08 - 09:16AM
3: Chapter 3: Sinister Realities

Oh, of course, THIS chapter, where they have this amazing conversation and you feel like there's so much hope and then you end on that crazy cliffhanger?! You better post more soon! I love the line in Jack's head: "what he knew of the War between the Immortals, ignoring all the Wagner Does Time Paradox crap." That was such a clever way to show his voice. You sure do know how to make a reader desperately crave a happy ending, don't you?!

Author's Response: Thank you, I like that line too. Between that and the coming hail mary I think I got that bit of cynicism behind Jack\'s sparkling grin. It takes a while to get to a happy ending when bloose and the powers that be at BWR ask you to buy back a possible attempted rape (Yes, you have been right about that because it depends on intention, free will, and choice. But there was more to it, so maybe you\'ve been not wrong and not right…. And therein lies a marvelous discussion, eh? ) You know from reading the chapter note on lj where this is going. Think there will be flaming torches?

2013.12.08 - 03:44AM
2: Chapter 2: Gutted and Imprisoned

Oh Doctor, he deserves a Gibbs slap. When will he realise?

Author's Response: (Gibbs slap - upside the head? If that\'s what you mean, I think a face-off between Special Agent Gibbs and the Doctor would be a very scary thing) The Doctor and Rose are pretty confused inside their heads, but Jack Harkness isn\'t confused only because he\'s refusing to think about anything he can\'t fix by blasting a square hole into it. The answer to your question is that of course he has to realize something by the end. My questions, Jenny, are what will it cost him, what will it get him, how will it affect them all, and can I make you nod as you read.

2013.11.16 - 01:44PM
1: Chapter 1: Converging Blood Splatters

Yay! You posted it!! You posted what I like to think of as the "viewers at home scream at the TV" chapter. Because this: "He'd go to her, go on his knees before her, look into thrice-damning hazel eyes and beg her undeserved forgiveness. He'd entreat her to come with him this one last time–oh Rassilon, he needed her to come with even if he couldn't hold her hand; he needed to feel her next to him, feel as if he were whole… just one last time." OMG! Nine! The feels! You are an expert at keeping lovers apart, weaving the angst in and around them, which makes it just that much more emotional when they finally get back together. And Jack! It's important that Jack not be a caricature. This is a story I can tell people to go to if they don't know what I mean. Can I beg that there not be so long between postings, please?!?!

Author's Response: Yes, it\'s posted and moved into the DR series, and I\'ve put a sincere thank-you to you in my Author\'s Notes to the chapter. You are right, this is where we would yell at the tv, \'Oh, come on already, guys!\' and your insights for the expanded chapter helped get us all to this point of vociferous frustration-- that is to say, gave me the opportunity to delve further into the Doctor\'s and Rose\'s demons and Jack\'s refusal to let his have their say. You\'re right about Jack too. He is not a caricature or an easy punch line. And he\'s uniquely qualified to understand the Doctor in ways no one, not even Rose, can. Yes, please tell people about our Captain Harkness. I expect that after the 50th special my take on all three of these characters might be considered AU; ask them to stick with us. I\'ll do what I can to get the rest of DR posted here quickly. Thank you for everything.