Reviews For The Eleven Doctors

2013.11.26 - 12:18PM
2: Eleven

Romana's drawing! And he pockets it!

And Susan, awww.

2013.11.15 - 04:20PM
2: Eleven

Oh my goodness! Full throttle, and go! so much to try and figure out! I am reading with rapt attention :D

2013.11.15 - 04:14AM
2: Eleven

I like the line about there being more things to be afraid of in junkyards than Doctors and police boxes. I like Eleven stepping right back into the habit of getting Ian's name wrong.... The City of Death sketch of Romana 2 popping up in the junkyard! You get the sense of impending possible disaster across well.

Okay, I'm going to claim to have had some influence here, with my 90s story where I had Unearthly Child happening differently. It's a good device, I think, and I'm sure it's been used by fan writers before we got our mitts onto it. This adds another surreal layer to that version I wrote, because for me, that happening-differently is now itself happening differently........ It's great seeing that basic idea twisted in a different direction.... it's a sort of validation of my old story too, which was also going to jump around all the regenerations, and this makes me wonder if I ought to see if it might be worth some more effort.

Believe it or not, you know that overpowering sense of "wrongness" you talk about? That happened to me, in 1978. I was in college, had just made some risky life decisions, and had that feeling, as if somewhere out there, there was a "right" timeline, and I wasn't on it. I mean, I *really* felt that.

Looking forward to more.

2013.11.13 - 06:48PM
1: Commencing Countdown

Ooooh I am definitely looking forward to seeing where this goes! Fantastic work, as usual!

2013.11.13 - 03:07PM
2: Eleven

This is absolutely superb! I look forward to seeing more!

The dialogue is thoroughly sparkling (especially Eleven and Clara!), your style of writing is lovely and the plot - colour me intrigued!

This has the feel of one of BBC novels and will no doubt be a wonderful anniversary celebration - thank you for posting!

2013.11.13 - 09:44AM
1: Commencing Countdown

Your stories always bring me back to Teaspoon. This is another one I'm looking forward to! Thank you :)

2013.11.13 - 02:45AM
1: Commencing Countdown

Here's hoping you can successfully get me over my total mental separation between old Dw and new, as you throw it all into a big melting pot... You build up the apocalyptic mood well. I'll bookmark and come back to this.

2013.11.12 - 06:55PM
1: Commencing Countdown

A games table that's a crazy quilt of construction, eh? Very good. Heh.

Your descriptive powers continue unabated, your ability to hint at a satisfyingly labyrinthine plot is praise-worthy, and I await the next installment with unalloyed pleasure.

2013.11.12 - 06:18PM
1: Commencing Countdown

Once again, forgive my utter ineptitude at reviews, but excellent already! Looking forward to more. :)