2013.11.11 - 10:35PM
1: Chapter 1

Oh I love this! I agree, Six was quite gruff at times but he did have a gentler side. I love seeing him written as more romantic, for me it's very easy to visualize. And I love Rose with Six, maybe because I see some of myself in Rose and Six is my Doctor (hence my username). Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :) I think Six and Nine were very similar in terms of their demeanor and thatís why it was so easy for me to write for Six and Rose because that pattern of banter and relationship had already been established in canon. Six was so wonderful; I truly loved him and could easily fall in love with him so that partís easy to write too. ;) Heís just so vibrant and full of life and has as much ability to appreciate and enjoy the quiet moments as he does the more boisterous ones. I think they would have made a great team. :)