2020.08.22 - 12:31PM
241: Chapter 241

So now John is free to date other women and remarry if he chooses to. Pete shouldn't be afraid John would move out with the boys as this is the only home they know and are secure in and they love their grandma and grandpa. John would not want to take that from them. (or the joy Pete and Jackie have over having the boys there)

Author's Response: I'm not sure that John would really want to leave and strike out on his own either. It's become his home as much as anyone else's, and although he did have that flat of his own before his car crash I don't think he'd viewed that as a home - he tried to, but when Joel died half way through painting his bedroom wall I think he struggled with all of that. The mansion is his home as much as it is the others so I'm not sure he'd want to move out.

2020.08.22 - 03:31AM
239: Chapter 239

Going off planet and coming back without anything going wrong? Really, doctor? When has that ever worked:)

Author's Response: As he says - trouble is only the bits in between - maybe this time it will a bit in between the bits in between?

2020.08.21 - 08:45PM
239: Chapter 239

Ah, so glad you are back! I've been holding my breath, because there's been far too many chapters without mayhem. Haha!

I am thoroughly enjoying all of the beautiful and tender moments with family, though. Also, the highly comedic scenes are so wonderfully refreshing. Of course, my heart is in my throat now, because this trip to use the nanogenes is simply to idyllic to be true. ;-) Are you about to release the hounds, plot-wise?

Thanks for continuing this story. I've tried to be patient about waiting for you to resume it. I may even get up enough energy to get back to writing myself.

Author's Response: Nice to 'see' you :) Sorry that I was away for so long. I was working on other some original stuff which is harder that you think when everything keeps coming back to Who lol. Got about 6 half finished new Ten stories as well where just couldn't keep things on track.

Author's Response: It does seem clear from reviews that none of you actually trust me just to give a good holiday, get John fit with the nanogenes as a perfect end to his family Christmas ha ha.

2020.08.21 - 05:43PM
239: Chapter 239

For once It's not one of the Doctor's or John's hairbrained schemes. nor is it even Captain Jacks, but Pete's, I was thinking he was the sensible one, oh well!

Author's Response: It's kind of a combination of Pete and Captain Jack, but Pete is definitely the one to spark the idea of absorbing time through the TARDIS - they're all going to be 90yrs old at the age of 45 if they keep on doing that!

2020.08.21 - 04:50PM
228: Chapter 228

Author's Response: The TD universe can't go on forever lol. It has to stop at some point. The question is, do I let him go out on a high - or do I kill him!!! MWAAHHAAAHAAAHHAAA!


Author's Response: :D

2020.08.21 - 04:15PM
239: Chapter 239

As long as John us back in time to keep his promise to Hawk!
I wonder what Sue would think off this hair brained scheme.

Author's Response: He's made that promise so he's adamant that he's going to keep it. I'm fairly sure that Sue would be trying to put a stop to it until they've done at least another year worth of tests on them.

2020.08.21 - 04:13PM
238: Chapter 238

If John is going to excrete the metal won't that be a touch painful? Or did you mean the nanogenes excrete it? I'm confused

Author's Response: The nanogenes break it down into it's composite molecules and then John will just pee it out. I imagine if he was required to pee them out before they'd been broken down by the nanogenes that it would be pretty painful - lol

2020.08.21 - 04:05PM
233: Chapter 233

But will there be little green monsters?

Author's Response: Hopefully not

2020.08.21 - 10:13AM
238: Chapter 238

John is right, it's a time to spend with your family and loved ones. the procedure can wait until after New Years Day even.

Author's Response: It is, but maybe Pete will be the one that comes up with an option that John will find acceptable and so they can do it without impacting on the whole family.

2020.08.20 - 09:23AM
228: Chapter 228

Thank you for replying to my review, To answer your question, i would like you to continue with more TD stories and i know they can't go on forever but i'm not ready to give them up just yet lol. Another of your stories i loved was code 9 so maybe a sequel or one shot to catch up with them. I read most things as long as it has the tenth doctor and not too much Rose or River in it. Ten/Jack are my fav pairing too. Hope this help you to decide and i'm sure whatever you choose i will love and be hooked to lol :)

Author's Response: No plans on a sequel to Code 9 I'm afraid, that is done with, I might bring the harlequins ghosts back one day though. I do like Ten/Jack best - think they've got the potential to be the most dynamic in terms of their pairing with fewer hang ups - that said next long one is Ten/Rose and Jack (sorry) because that fit the story.

2020.08.18 - 09:03PM
233: Chapter 233

I'm looking forward to your next installment. I love a good doctor who christmas special! :)

Author's Response: No Sycorax, no Arachnoss, no Titanic... maybe they will just be able to have a quiet family Christmas for a change.

2020.08.18 - 04:35PM
233: Chapter 233

Pls, tell me that Sue appears at the mansion at Christmas morning!

Author's Response: I'm not saying a word. You will have to see if she does or not.

2020.08.18 - 04:30PM
228: Chapter 228

"LGM is almost done (so far as me typing it up - think there will be 20-25 more chapters to put up) and then I am tending toward a non-TD story as after LGM there isn't anything actually written only some ideas of things to come in the TD universe and most of them are a little bit further on in the life of John and his sons."

Awwww! I'm gonna miss John!!!

Author's Response: The TD universe can't go on forever lol. It has to stop at some point. The question is, do I let him go out on a high - or do I kill him!!! MWAAHHAAAHAAAHHAAA!

2020.08.18 - 04:09PM
231: Chapter 231

The polar bear was probably depressed. I am surprised the Doctor wanted so much to see one in captivity. Especially with how he and Jack were both held captive. The children are better off learning about the animals from nature documentaries. Not to mention the Doctor can literally see any animal in it's natural habitat any times he likes.
In the Doctor Who story The Last Dodo, Martha wants to go the zoo and Ten is very disappointed in her for the same reason.

Author's Response: I have mixed feelings about zoos. Good zoos do a lot of positive things in terms of conservation and raising awareness. The Doctor didn't want to see one in captivity he wanted to get one for the farm for the kids over Christmas. I agree that in some circumstances animals shouldn't be kept in captivity, but it's not going to be long before the only place you will be able to see a polar bear is in a zoo and the Doctor would have to go back in time to see the polar bear in it's natural habitat just as if he was going to see a dodo in Mauritius. If seeing one in the zoo is a way to bring that to the forefront and they are running conservation and breeding programmes to protect the species at the same time, then I think the Doctor would accept that good zoos have their place.

2020.08.18 - 09:05AM
231: Chapter 231

Ho! Ho! Ho! now you got me in the mood for Christmas and it's only August!

Author's Response: Lol, Merry Christmas :)