2013.12.15 - 07:59AM
11: Chapter 11

“Let’s see what we have to do to you first and whether we’re still going to be friends after,” Oscar suggested...

After all this time, short of Oscar stealing Sue away, I'm pretty sure there is nothing he can do that will ruin their friendship.

List of things for John to avoid: trampolines, skateboards, horseback riding (I can see a world of hurt there)...

Author's Response: Yeah, I think John and Oscar are pretty much mates for life aren\'t they? There is definitely going to be a long list of things for John to be avoiding, especially while he heals, but hopefully there is still some life and adventure to be had or he\'s going to be really grumpy!

2013.12.15 - 01:24AM
11: Chapter 11

Whew!! Glad it's nothing too serious since the Doctor is still so ill it'd be stressful to have two patients again!

I appreciated your thoughtful replies to my comments :) and yes it makes sense that just because Doctor and Jack/ future!John are all okay that the moments now might lead to that or require action and that those are all time in flux after all depending on different decisions. After all, Ten altered the future of England by getting Harriet Jones elected out vs letting her be one of the greatest leaders of our time.

I think Eleven is hard for everyone and I'll admit I am perfectly fine with you writing more like Ten for the Doctor though I know you want to be as faithful to canon as you can be!

I missed these characters lots too so I'm glad you're writing this in conjunction to our other stories so we get our 'fix' so to speak for John and friends!

Author's Response: I think John is going to be in the frame of mind now that there is nothing wrong with him so he can do what he wants (but why does it hurt, lol).

Ten definitely changed the future didn\'t he, quite drastically, by getting rid of Harriet Jones he made room for Harold Saxon and we all know what happened then!!

2013.12.10 - 08:08AM
10: Chapter 10

No! Donald! Not the spruots! Sprouts are good!

Donald is baaaad!

Author's Response: Well, I think that John and the Doctor would beg to differ and may well give Donald a best goat award!

2013.12.10 - 01:17AM
10: Chapter 10

Silly Donald! :D

Now we have to see what John did to his hip! :(

Author's Response: Donald is going to be in big trouble!

Hopefully there is no real damage done and that it\'s just bruised, pulled, and sore.

2013.12.09 - 08:58PM
10: Chapter 10

I agree with John...yea, Donald! Eat those sprouts! A lovely, warm chapter showing the workings of a family that truly loves each other. I'm glad the Doctor is beginning to interact with the rest of them.

Author's Response: Lol, it is definitely the time of year for sprouts!

2013.12.09 - 12:26AM
9: Chapter 9

I was worrying about Jack and the Doctor and realized that we already know they get back together. I went and reread the last chapter of TD to remind myself of exactly what happened and we see everyone accepting Jack and the Doctor as a couple without a question. Or at least as a traveling pair but presumably a couple :)

I also saw that John is moving cleanly at Jack's 17th year so that kinda negates what's being discussed here so presumably they can fix John in some way?

Does the Doctor not remember that here or is it that time is always in flux so even though that future 'happened' it's not guaranteed to happen that way again?

Author's Response: Time is always in flux and I don\'t suppose he can possibly see how things can be alright with the Captain again after what has happened between them.

John is moving cleanly at the end of it and that is 11 years ahead of where they are now, so he\'s got some time, but that\'s no guarantee that in 15, 20, 25 years that he wont be in trouble it just means that we know (as long as there is no flux) that he is okay in 11 years may only be dependent on what they do now because of him worrying.

2013.12.08 - 01:47PM
9: Chapter 9

I love this series and it's characters so much :) I took a break from reading fanfic but then I came back and had all of this to read :D It was so exciting.

Now I'm back to unable to wait for the next chapter wanting to see what happens next! (And it's not even cliffhangers here - it's just I desperately want to know what else John, Sue, Doctor, the boys...everyone is going to do next!)

As I was reading, I was thinking about how I generally dislike several OCs in a fanfic but yours somehow are so vibrant and real but never overtake the story from the mains and it just...works so well! I feel like John (since you did give him so much story he was barely a blip in canon) and Sue and the boys and everyone else--- it's like they are real and part of the story just as much as anyone else and I find myself eager to read about them and know more and don't care that most of this series has been about John not the Doctor -- I love John just as much if not more sometimes!! :)

I am so eager to hear about Jack and what's up in the other universe, I hope we can find out via John's phone call soon.

Thanks for creating such an amazing work of fiction!

Author's Response: Sorry that it is tending to be a bit longer than usual between chapters. I shouldn\'t really be doing this one at all because I\'ve Code 9 on the go, and it\'s mad at work at the moment, I just, well - I kind of miss John and the boys lol. Since Ten turned into Eleven the TD universe has swayed more toward John a bit because I struggle with writing Eleven and he just ends up sounding like Ten. I\'ve tried to bring the Doctor in more in the next chapter and try to make him sound like Eleven. Maybe I will get him right one day!

John will be talking to Donna in the other universe soon even if it is just to say that he\'s sorry but that he\'s not going to be able to take the TARDIS to pick her up for the following week as is tentatively planned. Hopefully there will be an update on how the Captain is doing then.

2013.12.06 - 09:40AM
9: Chapter 9

Think maybe Michael has picked up on some of it as well even though he's not really aware of what is going on? He does have some telepathic abilities.

Author's Response: Yeah, he does, though I think Michael just wanted out of his cot without having to risk his neck and climb out of it himself. He\'s been snotty hasn\'t he so he\'s probably still feeling a bit grumbly.

2013.12.06 - 09:16AM
8: Chapter 8

Is Kelstan 4 the real name of the planet Rose called Woman Wept?

Author's Response: The oceans on Women Wept froze instantly during a storm didn\'t they, so not the same as Kelstan 4.

2013.12.06 - 08:59AM
7: Chapter 7

Dear John!

He'll make it to both his sons' graduations if Sue as anything to do about it.

Author's Response: Oh, he should make it, it will just depend on whether he\'s on his feet or not.

2013.12.01 - 11:13AM
9: Chapter 9

You're back!

" you’ll probably trip over a brick." Nice nod to the 6th Doctor, since that's a joke in the Big Finish Audio, with him complaining that he died tripping over a brick.

Poor Jack. The kid is going to need therapy at the rate he's going.

Author's Response: Yeah, I\'m back.

The Tenth also mentions it to Jackson Lake doesn\'t he when he thinks he\'s the next Doctor and goes on about how he doesn\'t know if he just tripped over a brick.

I went to the Dr Who convention for the 50th last week and there was a stage show with Peter Davison, Sylvester McCoy, and Colin Baker and they were all commenting on Colin\'s regeneration there. Was really rather funny - Colin and Sylvester were properly bickering about it on stage!

2013.11.30 - 09:38PM
9: Chapter 9

I have a funny feeling Jack heard them talking. That's why he's upset. I just hope John hasn't really done something to his hip.

Author's Response: It is likely that Jack has picked something up along the way and subconsciously put it together in his dreams.

2013.11.23 - 10:15AM
8: Chapter 8

Hey, Unslinky, you mentioned interest in writing something original. While part of me is saying NO YOU CAN'T, THAT MEANS LESS DOCTOR WHO! the writer is saying GO FOR IT! If I can help you out in some way, contact me via my website weisswriters.com (you'll see my professional writing resume there, too).

Author's Response: You\'ve written stuff I\'ve got on my bookshelf!!! Hugely impressed! Going to the cinema tonight (bet you can\'t guess what I\'m going to see - lol) and then away for a week from tomorrow. Biggest problem is how do you get all the \'Who\' plot bunnies to sit down long enough to tether something else! Or - how do you turn a \'Who\' plot bunny into a story that isn\'t \'Who\' without it being \'Who\' - lol, The lady Professor who travels around through time and space in a portaloo with boy companions Ross, Marvin, and Donald? (do you think anyone would notice?)

2013.11.22 - 11:21PM
8: Chapter 8

Good old Doctor Sue to the rescue of both her Time Lords! It's a bad night for our fellas; good thing the boys are sleeping through.

Author's Response: Yeah, poor Sue doesn\'t even get a break from being super doctor in the middle of the night! I don\'t think she can ever be off duty with those two around can she?

2013.11.22 - 10:17PM
8: Chapter 8

Poor John, being threatened with an ice pack. Sue can be so mean sometimes. ;-)

Author's Response: I am sure that Sue wouldn\'t really go through with the ice pack threat, lol.