2014.11.12 - 03:32PM
19: Chapter 19

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Poor sore John though, he needs some Sue tlc.

Author's Response: John definitely needs some TLC. Was on nights at work and feeling a bit bleurgh so thought it was time to pay the TD universe a quick visit.

2014.11.12 - 02:59PM
19: Chapter 19

I'm glad you updated. I have missed John and his family. And Harriet can kick butt if she has to. :)

Author's Response: Yeah, Harriet can definitely kick butt when she wants to, but at least she has got it all going more quickly than John and Pete could have and maybe if they see her involved then other communities may try to do the same.

2014.01.25 - 09:40AM
18: Chapter 18

Gotta love Harriet!

More? Need more. Having withdrawals. Need Michael. Need Jack.

And to think in the real world, I don't even like children.

Author's Response: Sorry, kind of on the back burner a bit. Will be coming, just not sure when!

2014.01.21 - 03:33AM
18: Chapter 18

I love your TD verse, I can't wait to see more of this part of the story.

Author's Response: Thank you for your review, I\'m glad that you enjoy. I will try to get back to this at some point over the weekend, sorry for the delay, it\'s been manic with RW stuff.

2014.01.10 - 10:38PM
18: Chapter 18

I love this story so much :) All these cute chapters like this, I could read it endlessly and never get bored of their lives!!

Harriet made me laugh.I wish real life was like this!

Author's Response: It is kind of nice just to write the chill out chapters between when revisiting the TD universe. I was supposed to be leaving it alone! I just can\'t, lol.

2014.01.10 - 05:16PM
18: Chapter 18

22 flabberghasted teenagers, lol!

Author's Response: Yeah, they\'re pretty impressed now, Professor Tyler, Peter Tyler, and the President? Not bad for a guest list - and they\'re the guests!

2014.01.10 - 05:48AM
18: Chapter 18

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Author's Response: Yeah, it did seem like she acted out of character a bit and got a raw deal in the Christmas Invasion, she certainly made up for it in Stolen Earth.

2014.01.09 - 10:26PM
18: Chapter 18

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Author's Response: The park is going to be sorted double time and there may well be some councillors getting a visit from their president for not getting their fingers out. There will be more to be seen of Nick.

2014.01.05 - 05:20PM
17: Chapter 17

Got more hotdogs, Jackie?

Author's Response: She is definitely going to need them.

2014.01.04 - 10:11PM
17: Chapter 17

I'm glad that Greta wasn't too angry at John and gave him his present. I just hope those kids understand when they see him that he really did hurt himself.

Author's Response: I am sure that the kids will be both understanding and sympathetic to John hurting himself especially since a lot of them are skaters and have probably had their fair share of bumps and bruises themselves. I don\'t think Greta can be truly cross with John for long.

2014.01.04 - 09:41PM
17: Chapter 17

Happy New Year!!

Yay another chapter!! I just love this story so much. And I really like the slice of life chapters, so I loved Greta seeing John and that bit of info about his finances (it's Greta who puts money in his wallet now? lol she is his nanny!), and awww on the movie that sounds heart breaking but lovely!

I can't wait to see the skate park meeting and of course get an update on the Doctor. (and perhaps we'll get an update on Jack soon? please? :) )

Author's Response: Happy New Year to you too.

Glad that you\'re still enjoying the story. Greta is definitely his nanny, lol but I think she\'s also an integral part of the family - though after 11 years I\'m sure her English would be better that I write it!

2013.12.28 - 12:10PM
16: Chapter 16

Good to know that Harriet will basically be in charge, but I hope they suspemded that overeager overly suspisious security head as well!

Author's Response: I am sure that he has been suspended as well.

2013.12.27 - 10:22PM
16: Chapter 16

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Author's Response: It follows that if there is a suspected terrorist threat within an organisation that the board of that organisation would be temporarily removed pending investigation so it\'s not anything sinister. Greta is definitely going to be killing John.

2013.12.27 - 09:05PM
16: Chapter 16

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Pete seems to be taking the whole suspension thing just a little too easily. I know he's being logical, but Torchwood is his baby after all and he's just been booted out.

Good thing about Sue being booted as well, though, so she can dedicate her time to helping John.

One dead so far. Let's hope they don't find two more.

Author's Response: I think that Pete is looking at it as handing over to Harriet for a while. If he thought about it as another force running Torchwood ragged then he\'d be less inclined to be calm about it and the calmness may not last more than the first few hours.

Hopefully with Sue\'s attention John will recover more quickly.

2013.12.19 - 02:38PM
15: Chapter 15

Forgot about the TARDIS

Author's Response: Aww, how can you forget about the poor TARDIS?