2017.01.10 - 09:59PM
38: Chapter 38

He does need to let go of the anger of what happened and let Jack know he's ok with talking about Rose. Could the Doctor help with talking about the good times? He could tell Jack about how close she became with Sarah Jane or how well she took care of him when he had just regenerated. How about some adventures when he was 9 and how she met Captain Jack?

Author's Response: I think there would be a lot of healing to be had for everyone if they tried to remember all of that and not just the bad stuff, I mean if the Doctor remembered how Captain Jack straddled a bomb and dragged it away to save them all (albeit after setting it up), but if he remembered that he was ready to die to put it right (before he was immortal), perhaps things would be better for him too

2017.01.10 - 09:51PM
38: Chapter 38

Sorry abut the harshness toeards Ros, but when it comes to children being the innocent victims of violence I get so angry and forget how sick Rose was when she did it. I know in her right mind she would never have done it.

I hope John takes Sue's advice and explain about what happened to his mum. Also, let go of his own anger.

Author's Response: I think out of everyone John has the most to let go, Jack is the one who has had the nightmare, but John is the one who is going to be suffering the most.

2017.01.10 - 09:18AM
32: Chapter 32

You know who Michael reminds me of? Only the way he speaks of course!

He reminds me of Father Jack Hackett from Father Ted! Only he wants his Ball! And Jam! And Duck! Instead of Drink! And Feck Off!
I guess their mental age is quite simmilar or maybe Michael is more mature. ;) ;) ;)

Author's Response: Lol...if Michael starts with the 'feck off' I think John's head would spin round and fall off!

2017.01.10 - 04:26AM
37: Chapter 37

Poor John. Poor Jack. I hope somebody tells Michael what is going on or he will be frightened as well.

Author's Response: Michael has gone to nursery with his grandma and I'm sure they will have a nice time afterwards and go into the park to feed the ducks.

2017.01.09 - 09:56PM
37: Chapter 37

John ought to have a talk with Jack about Rose. Afterwards he should take pictures and make a report and show Rose what she's done to their son!

Author's Response: Rose is so sick that she doesn't know who Jack is, when she is being cared for, doing okay, regaining some independence with support, and is reasonably mentally stable what would be gained by potentially disturbing her? She is being managed in a secure facility. What she did was horrific, but she was suffering from a psychosis, she wasn't deliberately hateful or malicious.

What John needs to do is remind his son of that and remind him of all the good times they had with Rose, all the times when Rose had to look after Jack and Michael full time and deal with John when he was injured or when he almost died giving energy to the Doctor (also remembering how disabled Michael was before he bonded with John) I think Rose was a pretty spectacular mum to those boys, but now she's sick.

2017.01.09 - 09:29PM
37: Chapter 37

Jack regenerated? Well, kind of. Ok, more reason to hate Rose! She caused this! I hope Pete and Jackie are ready to accept that! She scared their grandson to death!

Author's Response: It's not good is it?

2017.01.09 - 08:31PM
36: Chapter 36

I just wanted to say how much I love TD.
Thank you for writing this fantastic story, I have been following it for years. I was so happy when I realized you started updating again.

Author's Response: Thank you, and thanks for taking the time to review, I'm glad you enjoy. I'm sorry that I left it so long, I kind of forgot about them all for a while.

2017.01.09 - 02:29PM
36: Chapter 36

John needs to stop feeling guilty. This is Rose's fault. Yes, he should have talked about her with Jack, but Rose did all the damage. Just hope Jack is going to be ok.

Author's Response: I'm sure Jack will be fine once he's on the energy filter and they can figure out what is going on with him and talk to him properly about what happened with his mother.

2017.01.09 - 02:19PM
35: Chapter 35

Ok, Pete did have a point about John not talking Jack. He needs to.

Author's Response: It's not good for Pete and John to butt heads.

2017.01.09 - 02:14PM
34: Chapter 34

Grrrrrrrr.....! Rose, look what you did! You are such a bitch!

Author's Response: Rose is mentally ill, even if she could see what she did she'd not have the mental ability to process it fully.

2017.01.08 - 06:51PM
36: Chapter 36

Can I slap Rose?

Author's Response: Nope

2017.01.08 - 06:11PM
36: Chapter 36

What if it's not just his energy levels, what if it's some weird version of a Psionic Explosion?

Author's Response: It came on very quickly for it to be a normal energy increase, so something else may well be going on.

2017.01.07 - 01:42PM
34: Chapter 34

Curse you, Rose!
Like John and Sue said, no child should go through the trauma you put Jack and Michael in!

Author's Response: They need to have a long talk with jack about his mum so he's not so worried and scared

2016.12.29 - 09:18PM
33: Chapter 33

Sweet and a little naughty. :)

Author's Response: It's a rare opportunity they took the most of

2016.12.29 - 06:15PM
33: Chapter 33

That was sweet, a little John and Sue time :)

Author's Response: It's about time they had some time to themselves